Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Developer Lost Boys Interactive Hit With Layoffs

tiny tina's wonderlands 2 Lost Boys Interactive Layoffs

Another studio has been hit with layoffs in the first month of 2024 as Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands developer Lost Boys Interactive has seen its workforce reduced.

The layoffs were first reported by Aftermath, who noticed people making posts on LinkedIn related to the matter.

Jared Pace, a producer at the studio, posted the following: “It seems a sizable portion of Lost Boys Interactive was laid off today, including myself. Still trying to understand the scope of it all, but sadly – this is a song and dance we’re all familiar with.”

“It was an absolutely fantastic time full of challenges and beautiful friendships,” former art director Spicer McElroy said. “If you see anyone from Lost Boys looking for work, grab them immediately. They are the most amazing group of artists I’ve ever worked with.”

Insider Gaming has reached out to Embracer Group, Gearbox Entertainment, and Lost Boys Interactive for comment on the layoffs. So far, no response has been received.

Lost Boys Interactive is a subsidiary of Gearbox Entertainment, which is owned by Embracer Group. The studio had employed nearly 400 people prior to the layoffs.

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