EXCLUSIVE- Ubisoft’s ‘Project U’ is Entering its Next Phase of Playtesting

Ubisoft’s co-op shooter Project U will be entering its next phase of playtesting in February, Insider Gaming has learned.

Several sources have provided Insider Gaming with emails from the publisher, that were sent out earlier today, revealing that the game will have a PC-only Closed Test from February 1-6.

The emails mark the next phase for Project U’s playtesting, which has already been ongoing these past couple of months with a more tight-knit group of playtesters. It’s understood that the team now feels confident enough to expand its pool of testers, as development continues.

“We’re thrilled to invite you to the test to gather your feedback in order to improve the game experience and steer production in the right direction!”, the invite email reads.

Recent gameplay footage sent to Insider Gaming under the condition that the source remains anonymous and the footage doesn’t go public shows up to 10 teams of four battling it out in PvE combat (40 players total).

The game’s plot revolves around an invasion from the “machines”, who have one goal to ‘machineform’ all life. Players play as the ‘immune’, who are hero characters that seemingly can’t be machineformed. A total of six characters currently exist, which are; Summer, Tau, Z-Rex, Lodestar, Swei, and Gallowglass.

The current game loop of the game is to fight your way to the center of the map, with two walls standing in the player’s way. It’s understood that the Outer Walls gates will open after around 15-20 minutes and the Inner Walls gates open after around 25-30 minutes. Each wall has progressively harder enemies, with teams of players being able to sync up and fight together as they move closer to the middle.

Once players reach the middle, they’ll have to work together to defeat the ‘Pyraguard’, which is a giant pyramid-like boss that has many different weapons and machines.

Originally, Project U was internally called Project Pathfinder, as the game loop involved pathfinding your way to the middle of the map.

Despite only playing with two people so far who’ve played the game recently, the reception was positive, so it’ll be interesting to see what comes of the next playtests.

You can sign up for Ubisoft Project U Playtesting here.

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