Everything We Know About Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD

Luigi’s Mansion is an iconic series made by Nintendo. Many people would argue that Luigi’s Mansion is the best spin-off series in the Mario world. The games put players in the shoes of the infamous Luigi, who is tasked with getting rid of various ghosts (that are in a mansion, as the name suggests).

Now, in 2024, Nintendo plans to release an HD remake of the popular Luigi’s Mansion 2. Here is everything we know about Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD.

What is Luigi’s Mansion?

First released for the GameCube back in 2001, Luigi’s Mansion instantly became a hit. Luigi was given the task of eradicating a mansion full of ghosts. The gameplay was unique, especially with all the other Mario spin-offs that had been released before it.

It was a completely new style of gameplay for Mario players, as it introduced a light horror element. Gamers would have to explore eerie buildings while solving various puzzles and capturing multiple ghosts.

After the game’s release, many people immediately wanted more. Since then, the game has had two more titles added, with one arcade game and one remake also added to the list.

Is Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD a Remake?

A lot of people have questioned whether or not Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD is a remake or not. As the name suggests, though, the game is an HD remake of the original title that was released on the Nintendo 3DS back in 2013.

The new version will have updated graphics, making it optimal for the Nintendo Switch, which will allow players to explore the same buildings but on a different level, using high-definition TVs.

The original game was called “Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon”, but it was the second title ever released for the series, making it Luigi’s Mansion 2.

Whether or not there will be extra levels is unknown, but the main aspect that sells the game is the fact that it will have graphics that will blow the original 3DS version out of the water.

When Will Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD Release?

As of right now, Nintendo’s official website reads that Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD will be released in 2024. That is the extent of the information they have provided, though. No news has been released by them on whether it will be late or early 2024.

Nintendo is also pretty good at preventing leaks, so we more than likely will not know a definitive release date or release window until they announce it themselves. Fans can only hope it ends up being sooner than later.

What Will Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD be Rated?

Like all other Mario titles, Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD will be rated E for everyone. While the game does have a few horror elements (toon-horror, to be exact) it is still kid-friendly and a great game to play for everyone.

Kid-friendly does not mean it is meant for only kids, though. The game is great for anyone who loves a good adventure and solving fun and unique puzzles, making it one of the best types of games on the market.

If you haven’t played a Luigi’s Mansion game before, then Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD is the perfect game to start. Its updated graphics and ability to play on a TV will be a great start for newbies.

Will Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD have a Multiplayer Mode?

Those who love to game with friends will be excited to know that yes, Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD will have a multiplayer co-op mode. Players can solve puzzles and eradicate ghosts together, with up to four players playing at a time.

This has been a feature of Luigi’s Mansion games, so it is great to see Nintendo continue the trend. It is always better to play video games with friends.

Will Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD be Released on PS5, Xbox or PC?

Sadly, no, Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD will not be released on PS5, Xbox or PC. The game is a Nintendo exclusive and is meant specifically for the Nintendo Switch and nothing else.

The game will also not be released on iOS or Android. The only question about its release is whether or not it will be released for the regular Nintendo Switch or the rumoured Nintendo Switch 2.

Still, little information has been released on the Nintendo Switch 2, other than the rumours that it may be released in 2024. Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD could be released for it, or it could be released for the regular Nintendo Switch (maybe even both).

Only time will tell.

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