Xbox Claims Surface Online Pointing to a Bleak Landscape

xbox bleak

Recently, the news hit the airwaves that Starfield and Indiana Jones may be headed to PlayStation 5 in the not-so-distant future, with the headlines being met with a mix of reactions. For some, it’s an inevitable move, but for others, it’s a signal that’s set to herald the ‘end of Xbox as we know it’. Shortly after that news dropped, the topic was discussed at length on the Gamers Council podcast, and several claims were made that point to a rather morbid outlook for the Xbox ecosystem.

Is Microsoft Preparing a Third-Party Push for Xbox?

It’s worth taking these claims with a pinch of salt, but there’s plenty of sense being made amid some of the conjecture. One of the most damning claims said that Call of Duty ‘may not be coming to Game Pass’ because Microsoft is seeking a high ROI on the massive investment made in Activision Blizzard. On that topic, it was suggested that ‘Game Pass is unsustainable’ and that the service’s portion of the market isn’t enough to offset the cost of acquiring prolific labels.

As we know Microsoft will part ways with hundreds of millions of dollars to get games on the Game Pass service, that claim is rooted in sensibility.

In another claim, it was stressed that ‘the CFO’ became a little hot under the collar recently following a failure to meet projected hardware sales, despite consoles undergoing sizeable price drops in some regions. These claims went side-by-side with suggestions that more Xbox titles will be ported to competing devices (like the PlayStation 5), there’s a stacked Xbox showcase lined up that’ll be packed with caveats, and that year-on-year, console sales are dropping dramatically.

All that was topped off with a suggestion that Microsoft will make Xbox all digital in the future, running ads and utilising AI technology to replace teams to recoup financial losses within the ecosystem.

When it all comes down to brass tacks, it’s not so far-fetched. These points were summarised by Idle Sloth on Twitter and collected from ‘XcloudTimdog’.

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  1. Xbox needs to go just be a games only company with Jim Ryan gone they can finally bring Game Pass and their titles to PlayStation get more money. This doesn’t bode well for Sony though because the gaming landscape has changed the old ways won’t work much longer and this generation shows how bad their first party output is.

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