Starfield is Coming to PlayStation 5, it’s Claimed

starfield update

Several new claims have suggested that Starfield, originally slated to be an Xbox exclusive could be coming to the PlayStation 5 soon.

In a new report published by XboxEra, it’s said that Starfield will be coming to the PlayStation 5 following the ‘Shattered Space’ expansion release on Xbox, which is scheduled later this year.

The report outlines that Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves will also be coming to rival platforms soon, with the announcement that Hi-Fi Rush could release as soon as Q1 of this year. It’s said that a public statement from Microsoft on the news is expected this month.

XboxEra also states that Microsoft has made additional investments into PlayStation 5 dev kits to support its change in strategy.

WindowsCentral’s Jez Corden also weighed in on the ever-evolving rumours earlier today, too, by stating that he does “expect” Starfield to be coming on PlayStation.

In January 2024, rumors became rampant that Xbox would be releasing some of its games on different platforms, including Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves.

As they say, there’s no smoke without fire, and whatever the case may be, the rumors suggest that Xbox is shifting its strategy and an announcement is likely imminent.

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  1. Xbox are the new Sega, the PS6 is about to be £1000, with no competition is going to be a scary future for console gamers.

    1. Nintendo? PC? Bro gaming is much different now we’re not in the 2000’s anymore the future is in streaming, live service, cloud, and mobile with Nintendo being a rare exception. The current set up isn’t sustainable for Sony they need to get out of gaming and movies honestly.

    2. Microsoft isn’t going to stop making the Xbox regardless of whether they decide to put games on PlayStation over a year after their launch. At that point why would anyone even care? Xbox & PC have Gamepass which is something Sony literally can’t afford to do and it’s the inevitable long term future of gaming. Ask Microsoft if it seems like the future and they will answer with $360,000,000 reasons a month and that’s the minimum potential revenue at $9.99 which doesn’t include the likely 30% of the user base paying $16.99 for ultimate. So with that in mind the only one eventually going the route of Sega is actually Sony.

      That’s the same #1 platform holder who recently spoke of how their current model is unsustainable because games people expect from them like spiderman 2 cost $400 million + and that’s a sequel where most of the first games work could be reused and it was made on an engine technically paid for by Microsoft for sunset overdrive!

      This probably would happen to appease regulators so Microsoft can keep acquiring studios anyways since Microsoft obviously has PC which is the largest platform for games by about 2 billion.

      I honestly don’t care what game is where, I’ve been buying all the platforms since I was like 14. The whole 1 platform limitation never made much sense to me thankfully. If I had to buy an Xbox just for access to the games a year or 2 early and even if those games were ones I only played 15% of the year id still do it.

      I can’t disagree about the sentiment over this particular rumor though. It literally has no source so we have multiple sites all citing another website’s rumor.. journalism at its finest. Anyone could post something like the “source” and never actually be right because the modus operandi of modern reporting (and not just in gaming) is this whole reposting of identical articles with no real sources at all. I’ve even seen places all doing it then the first site that started it will delete the article once the week is over and then you have an hundreds of sites linking to nothing at all so there’s no way to verify where it all even started lol.

  2. Might as well sell my Xbox and get a PlayStation if Sony has all Xbox games plus Sony games when Xbox doesn’t get Sony games beginning of the end for Xbox thanks Phil for leaving us all behind

  3. I play three different consoles I don’t have a gaming p.c yet but I do know this console wars was designed by people an Microsoft has to make back the money they been losing an compared to sony regardless what anyone says they are actually doing fine yes they may have had several lawsuits but compared to Microsoft they been getting lawsuits from everyone especially those who pre-ordered certain games will state their name of games because a few of them I bought as well I didn’t get any achievements on these games because even though they hyped it up to be a really good game ended up being trash an when I tried to get refund especially since I didn’t get aby achievements they told me my complaints where invalid and I should try to enjoy the game even though the beginning is wonky and you can’t leave it even though it’s a part of the story to leave it an you can clearly see what the many faults they pulled trash cash an they don’t care about consumers compared to sony an Nintendo they do an try to work them that’s all I gotta say I love playing Xbox but they gotta step up

  4. I think Microsoft would be foolish to make their IP available on other platforms unless they decide to leave the console business altogether. They actually might do just that if XBox Cloud ever gets to 4k and 120fps w/HDR, and that seems like only a matter of time (I remember thinking that Netflix would really be something if they only could stream 4k and now that’s just completely normal; we don’t even think about it).

  5. where is the news Sony is bringing exclusives to Xbox!?!? how about Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon and Forbidden West, Bloodborn, God of War, Second son, the last of us, ratchet and clank, shadows of Colossus and many more. Your not going to hear any of this cause Sony doesnt share and somehow Microsoft is always the bad guys

  6. Look, I couldn’t care less about their original exclusives. But they better give PS elder scrolls 6 access. If it wasn’t an exclusive to begin with, no one should get to lock the competition out. Keep starfield and halo, I couldn’t care less. But you’re really messed up if you are going to lock half a fave base out of a game they’ve been waiting years for.

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