It Looks Like Hi-Fi Rush Is Coming To PS5 And Nintendo Switch

hi-fi rush ps5 nintendo switch

A year after it was shadow dropped on Xbox Series X|S and PC, Hi-Fi Rush appears to be set for a release on the PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Nintendo Switch.

The discovery comes via a data mine that discovered two new t-shirt textures within the game’s files. The first texture is a blue design that reads “I’m here baby!” with a silhouette holding a guitar in a similar pose to Cloud from Final Fantasy. The second is a read shirt that says “Rockout! Anywhere”, seemingly alluding to the Switch’s portability.

Hi-Fi Rush launched January 25, 2023 as a shadow drop from Tango Gameworks. The game received wide praise from both critics and players for its art style, gameplay, soundtrack, and more. Within two months of its release, Hi-Fi Rush had reached over 2 million players. It surpassed 3 million players later in 2023.

Insider Gaming has reached out to Tango Gameworks and Xbox for comment on the possible release. As of writing, no response has been received.

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