Call of Duty’s Next Season Update is Massive

rick grimes call of duty

The full roadmap for the Season 02 update in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone has been released, and it’s shaping up to be one of the biggest content drops in recent months. Boasting all-new maps, modes, weapons, Operators, special events, and much more, Season 02 will certainly be an update that fans of the franchise won’t want to miss.

It drops on February 7, and as usual, much of the content is staggered – some of it will be available at launch, while other items take a few weeks to release.

Plenty To Enjoy

Modern Warfare 3 is chugging along steadily, even if it wasn’t a fan-favourite title following its release in November 2023. It’s all we’ve got until Call of Duty 2024 is released, so let’s make the most of it.

On February 7, the monumental Season 02 update will be released, bringing vast swathes of content to both MW3 and Warzone, including:

  • Fortune’s Keep
  • New MW3 Maps: Stash House, Vista, Departures, Operation Tin Man, Das Haus Remastered, Skidgrow (Variant) and Airborne (Variant)
  • The Walking Dead crossover event (Rick Grimes in the Battle Pass)
  • Four new weapons: SOA Subverter, RAM-9, BP50, Soulrender
  • Five new events
  • New story missions for Zombies
  • New modes: Team Gun Game, Bounty, Hordepoint, Snipers Only, JuggerMosh

It gets better, of course.

Warzone’s Ranked Play platform goes live with the launch of Season 02 – exclusively on Fortune’s Keep. It’ll be a Resurgence mode that accommodates trios only.

There’s also a fantastically overpowered new Ninja Vest that grants the following buffs:

  • Eliminates footsteps
  • Removes movement reduction effects (stuns)
  • Bonus throwing knife ammo that resupplies periodically

I told you it was a massive update.

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