Skate is Coming to Steam, Console Playtests Planned For 2024

EA Skate Map

According to a new post on Skate’s official Twitter feed, Skate will be released on Steam, and console playtests are coming this year.

Fans expected Steam support after the devs confirmed a PC release. However, it wasn’t a guarantee, since the new Skate game marks the first time the series is coming to PC.

A reply in today’s thread mentions that “console testing is coming this year”. While it does not confirm a release window, this does hint at a potential launch date for the game itself.

Fans are now speculating that the anticipated Skate sequel could launch in late 2024 or early 2025. The devs will need enough time to prepare and market the game after console testing is complete.

Previously, EA’s FAQ confirmed the game is coming to PlayStation and Xbox. There are also plans for a mobile release.

Skate 3 originally launched on PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 over a decade ago. Fans have waited a long time for a sequel.

Fortunately, the upcoming game is clearly going to be the most accessible installment yet, and surely the most ambitious.

Just yesterday, Insider Gaming reported that Skate will conduct a six-week playtest for PC, delivered via the EA app.

That playtest begins on February 8th and is under an NDA. However, some leaks may still begin to appear in the coming weeks.

There have already been a variety of leaks. This includes a full gallery of artwork that leaked in July 2023. Shortly after, a reconstructed version of the entire Skate map leaked in September 2023.

Although Skate development is moving slowly, the playtests and Steam announcement signal a smooth launch and comprehensive game.

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