Artificer Layoffs Affect Half The Studio, More Cuts Planned

Showgunners Scarlett Running

According to a new report from Kotaku, Showgunners developer Artificer was hit with new layoffs this week affecting about half of the studio’s total employees.

The layoffs reportedly cut “around 25 people”. Also, after a few months, “another 10-12 people” will be laid off after polishing the studio’s next game.

This implies that the layoffs may not delay the upcoming title. Artificer has not revealed many details about the new game.

At this time, Devolver Digital and Artificer have not issued an official statement about the layoffs.

Showgunners Scarlett Running

Artificer is a Polish game studio that Devolver Digital acquired just a couple of years ago. The devs are best known for Showgunners, a turn-based tactics game about a deadly reality show.

Showgunners first launched last year, and it continues to maintain ‘Very Positive’ ratings on Steam. Fans praised its stylish art design and gameplay, which is often compared to XCOM.

Fans will recognize publisher Devolver Digital for indie hits like The Talos Principle 2 and Cult of the Lamb.

The latter just added an edgy new ‘sex update’ earlier this month, Sins of the Flesh. Devolver Digital’s games are often comedic, innovative, and successful.

Unfortunately, the Artificer layoffs continue an overwhelming trend of major reductions in 2024. Layoffs have hit both massive companies and smaller studios alike.

Black Forest Games, who developed the Destroy All Humans remakes, also cut about half of its employees earlier this month. Even Microsoft laid off 1,900 employees in its video game workforce.

Kotaku’s report does mention that Artificer’s “remaining staff will stick around to work on the studio’s next game”. So, the studio should not face outright closure anytime soon.

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