Cult of the Lamb’s ‘Sex Update’ Arrives January 16

cult of the flesh

On January 16, the next free update for Cult of the Lamb will drop, titled ‘Sins of the Flesh’. It’s penned as being the ‘biggest and most wicked content update yet’, expanding the remarkably popular 2022 ‘cult sim’ at no cost to the player. In a recent press release, the scope of Sins of the Flesh was revealed, showcasing features that allow followers who ‘love each other very much’ to generate offspring.

It’s a little crass referring to it as a ‘sex update’, but that’s the world we live in. Let’s not pretend that we don’t know what sells in this office.

Expanding The Cult

In an all-new trailer, Sins of the Flesh was revealed by Devolver:

It’s chaotic, it’s confusing, and it’s free – what a wonderful concoction that is. It was last November that the Cult of the Lamb Twitter profile published a post stressing that if the channel hit 300,000 followers ‘by the end of the year’, sex would be added to the game.

It took two hours for that milestone to be hit – and by today, the channel boasts more than half a million followers. That’s a lot of Cult of the Lamb fans eager for a little lewd content.

As per the description of the process in a press release, the new ‘offspring’ features work as follows:

‘Your Cult is getting even more unique. When two Followers love each other very much, they might find an egg. Nurture the egg for it to hatch, then care for the offspring until they’re ready to pledge allegiance to your Cult.’

For those sitting on the edge of their seat awaiting hardcore scenes, it’s a disappointing twist – but it’s a delivery on promises made in a way, and that’s all that matters.

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