Bandai Namco May Have Leaked The First Tekken 8 DLC Character

tekken 8 dlc

In an accidental move, Bandai Namco has seemingly leaked the identity of the first Tekken 8 DLC character. It was recently noticed that in a YouTube playlist, ‘Bandai Namco Entertainment America’ had set a two-minute-long reveal and gameplay trailer to upload. Before the team could cancel the upload and remove all traces of the video, eagle-eyed gamers snapped screenshots.

There’s some contention as to the validity of this leak, but there is a hidden, unavailable video on Bandai Namco’s YouTube page, which points to something being queued for a reveal. It could be a launch trailer for the game, which is scheduled to drop in the coming weeks – we’re attempting to corroborate this story.

Is Josie Rizal Coming to Tekken 8?

That’s the character that was revealed in the surmised leak – Josie Rizal. She was first introduced in Tekken 7 as a young, emotional kickboxer with a knack for breaking down in tears at every given opportunity, but for the most part, players appreciated her presence. That was a sentiment echoed perfectly in a comment posted on Reddit a while ago, discussing Josie’s potential return in Tekken 8:

If they make her a bit more serious and drop the crybaby stuff I’d love to see her come back. She’s pretty fun to play as well.

MagicMonty444 (Reddit)

Here’s a video showcasing Josie Rizal’s emotions:

In a thread that was opened on Resetera, a screenshot was shared showing the alleged title for a now-hidden video on Bandai Namco’s YouTube page:

‘TEKKEN 8 – DLC 1 Josie Rizal Reveal & Gameplay Trailer’

This screenshot sparked an immediate debate, with many fans claiming that plenty of ‘more important’ characters should be introduced ahead of Josie Rizal, if she is indeed making her way to Tekken 8 shortly. The full game is set to be released on January 26.

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  1. Eddie Gordo because otherwise Harada gets fired because he’s a bigot who hates black people he also made the new last in a character a villain

    1. Eddy and yes Harada should have handled this better he should have ignored it or just been more dignified with his response now it will cause more drama. How Bandai let’s him get away with his behavior IDK? Extremely unprofessional. With Shimbori now working there I could see them installing him and forcing Harada out since Shimbori can be more professional.

  2. Tekken sucks the creator is a racist and the audience are a bunch of shills hopefully Def Jam comes back or just play UFC instead those games have black leads and treat them with respect not as jokey characters like Raven and Leroy!

  3. Hope this is true. Josie might not be the best or most important character but she is the current custodian of one of Tekken’s oldest movesets that’s been about since Tekken 2 with Bruce. Always loved Bruce and actually felt Josie was an improvement to play as.

    Less crying would better though.

    Also I would gladly have my Brucie back.

  4. That’s not a seller Harada’s going to have to eat his words and add Eddie or a big name guest to really sell people on the DLC

    1. Eddy is in but agreed Harada had no reason to act the way he did I hope action is taken against him. Even with Eddy in the game his behavior needs to be addressed.

  5. The DLC I think leaked a while ago it’s nothing really that big except Eddie is in it unless that’s false. Hopefully they reveal it soon the pack before the game comes out.

  6. If Josie speaks tagalog for sure the filipinos fans would go crazyyy… with this leak, all filipino fans is excited..!!

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