Apex Legends Breakout Will Add Massive New Changes

Apex Legends Pathfinder And Mirage

According to a new EA post, Respawn is giving Apex Legends an overhaul for the upcoming season Breakout, which releases on February 13th.

Apex Legends: Breakout will introduce an all-new Legend Upgrade system. This allows players to build in-game progression and choose how to improve unique legends throughout a match.

Players can level up by earning EVO, so body shields are completely removed from the loot pool. Fortunately, players still drop “Shield Cores”, which basically preserves armor swapping.

These particular changes will only affect Battle Royale at this time. EA released a cinematic launch trailer for Apex Legends: Breakout today.

Apex Legends originally launched in February 2019, so an anniversary collection event is also on the way for season 20.

The event will include a “Straight Shot” LTM and community-created rewards to unlock.

The other major update involves Ranked Mode. This update actually looks to the past, with the return of splits. And the level requirement will go back to 20.

It remains to be seen if revisiting this old model will balance out with the gameplay overhaul. Some players enjoyed having more time to rank up throughout a season before losing their progress.

Apex Legends is also introducing 120HZ performance mode. Battle Royale will definitely benefit from this, since everything can boil down to small details and split decisions.

Mixtape is also adding a new map called Thunderdome, but it is not identical to the original landing zone from KC.

EA mentioned that fans should “stay tuned for our Breakout Patch Notes blog on February 12, 2024, for each Legend’s upgrade tree”.

After five years, drastic changes should be healthy for Apex Legends. Recently, the game also hosted Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth crossover event.

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