Are The Power Rangers Coming to Fortnite?

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It has been suggested that the next Fortnite franchise crossover will bring the Power Rangers to the popular battle royale (although now more of a metaverse) game. This claim surfaced recently during an episode of the XboxEra podcast, with Shpeshal_Nick talking about the colourful, acrobatic troupe making their way into Fortnite’s ecosystem soon.

With their gaudy outfits and fantastical combat skills, it seems like a collaboration that should have taken place years ago.

It’s Morphin’ Time?

During a recent episode of the XboxEra podcast, Shpeshal_Nick touched on the topic of this crossover as part of the ‘Rumor Mill’ segment of the show. In the show, Nick said:

What I’ve heard about who’s coming to Fortnite – and it may be soon – I’ve heard that we might be seeing the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers coming to Fortnite.

Here’s the full show, in case you want to check out all four hours of content:

Nick talked about how ‘amazingly’ Epic Games did ‘the turtles’ in Fortnite, referring to the recent crossover event that saw the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles make their way into the Fortnite space. It’s probably one of the more predictable collaboration events to be suggested, I’m just surprised it took so long to bring the Power Rangers into the game.

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  1. I hope these companies are paying them and not the other way around because these recent things have been trash!

  2. Goblin Slayer, Redo Of Healer, Baki, Kengan Ashura, Eden’s Zero, add something relevant to Fortnite!

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