Apex Legends Crossover With Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Announced

Apex Legends Final Fantasy Event

Apex Legends will officially feature a collaboration with the highly anticipated sequel Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, according to a new announcement at The Game Awards.

The event was announced with a cinematic trailer in a new tweet, and it’s scheduled for January 9th, 2024:

Since the trailer was purely cinematic, it’s unclear if this event will only involve a Limited Time Mode. Final Fantasy is an epic universe with lots of potential for combat adjustments, even in an FPS.

However, Apex Legends has famously held many collection events that focus entirely on cosmetics. In fact, some of those collection events have also featured nods to familiar IP.

Although it recently began its own icon series comparable to Fortnite, there have been references to lots of pop culture. These range from a Godzilla-themed skin to Sailor Moon and Rambo.

Apex Legends is notorious for some of its cosmetic pricing over the years, even as a free to play game. However, fans would surely be thrilled about delving into the Final Fantasy universe.

It’s a fun way to express your fandom. And Final Fantasy has an unusually extensive history of characters to reference.

Fans are already speculating about which characters would be an appropriate match. For now, it seems clear that Crypto could end up with a particularly iconic weapon.

Thanks to the addition of Mixtape, Apex Legends has been more productive with its content, though. The Grand Soiree of previous years was always open to trying out unusual things, including a third-person BR mode at one point.

Ideally, Respawn won’t just rely on cosmetic fan service alone. It would be more satisfying if they invest the time into gameplay that pays a proper homage to Final Fantasy, which remains one of the greatest franchises in the industry.

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