Geoff Keighley Says The Game Awards Will be Much Shorter This Year

Geoff Keighley has said that The Game Awards is likely to be “significantly shorter” this year.

The comments were made on Keighley’s Twitter Spaces last night, were he gave some insight into the behind-the-scenes of The Game Awards.

During the Spaces, Keighley said, “I won’t say anything officially until we’re through our rehearsals but we think it’s going to be significantly shorter”.

He continued, “We definitely have cut back pretty significantly in terms of the runtime on the show and just you know kind of fewer games fewer bigger games that’ll be in there and you know people always debate about are they presenting enough”.

“But we’ve got some really great announcements. I think some really amazing studios around the world are participating in the show this year. There’s some games that I’ve been hoping and wanting to show for a number of years that are finally ready this year to up to showcase to folks at The Game Awards so we’re very very happy with how that’s coming together”.

The Game Awards will take place on December 8, with Insider Gaming exclusively reporting that Diablo 4, Final Fantasy XVI, and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor making appearances.

So far, here are the games we know, or expected to be featured at The Game Awards:

What are you hoping to see at The Game Awards?