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Hero Wars is a phenomenal online RPG adventure game like no other, boasting unparalleled depth and unrivalled opportunities. It has been around since 2016 and in that time, it has amassed hundreds of millions of players. This free-to-play adventure will keep any player entertained for hours, as it’s so much more immersive than you might think at first glance. In this guide, we’re going to teach you everything you need to know to play Hero Wars online for free and enjoy everything the game has to offer.

It’s an attractive, cute-looking game on the surface, but there’s more to it than you’d ever think possible. It’s a simple game for newcomers, but over time, the difficulty level ramps up and the game becomes much broader than you could imagine. It has to be seen to be believed, and that’s why we’re showing you – in our comprehensive review and guide – how to play Hero Wars online right now.

Our Rating:4.6⭐
Available On:iOS, Android, Browser, Facebook
DeveloperNexters Global
Cost:Free-to-Play (with optional microtransactions)

What Is Hero Wars?

Developed by Nexters Global, Hero Wars is an RPG adventure game rooted in deep fantasy and featuring some fantastical, mythical characters, creatures, and elements. It’s all about building the best team possible to take down your opponents across a vast world that gets bigger and bolder with each new milestone reached. It’s a simple but brilliant game that features countless innovative elements that keep players coming back for more every time.

It’s available on mobile devices and web browsers, and it’s also available as a hosted game on Facebook. For years, hundreds of millions of players have poured into Hero Wars, eager to play the game online and build the best team that they can. It’s not just about blind combat – when you play Hero Wars online, you’re taking command of a tactical squad and deploying strategy in your fights. There are missions to complete, boss fights to dominate, and online arenas that’ll pit you against other players and their powerful teams.

Hero Wars is a near-endless game that’ll keep you entertained for a long time, and it requires almost nothing in terms of financial investment. It’s free to play (with support from optional microtransactions) and it’s available on almost any mobile device, so the accessibility level is off the charts.

Are you ready to learn how to play Hero Wars?

What’s The Difference Between Hero Wars Alliance and Dominion Era?

As we’ve just mentioned, Hero Wars is available on mobile devices and web browsers – and that’s because there are two different versions of the game. For the mobile devices, it’s all about Hero Wars Alliance. For those playing on a PC or Facebook, the game is known as Hero Wars Dominion Era.

Now, this is where it becomes a mixed bag. There are unique features for each version of the game, but it’s the browser version of Hero Wars that’s more popular. While the mobile version is much more accessible and easy to play on the go, the browser version is said to be more expansive and balanced, and boasts a higher ‘ceiling’. That means that you can go further in it.

Both games are regularly updated by Nexters Global, though – so whichever way you choose to play Hero Wars online, you’ll be supported for years to come.

How To Play Hero Wars Online

If you want to play Hero Wars on a mobile device, the process couldn’t be easier:

  1. Pick up your mobile device and navigate to your app store
  2. Search for Hero Wars and find ‘Hero Wars Alliance’
  3. Hit ‘Download’ and install the game
  4. Open the application, make a new account, and start playing!

If you’re on a PC and are playing the web browser or Facebook version, it’s essentially the same process:

  1. Open Facebook or navigate to the Hero Wars website
  2. Log in or sign up to the service that you’re playing on and make a new account for the game
  3. Start playing!

It’s super simple, and that’s one of the most attractive things about playing Hero Wars online. It’s the kind of game that anyone can play, and that’s why there are more than 100 million players in the game. It didn’t get to where it is today by being difficult to access, after all.

Hero Wars Gameplay Features

There’s something special about Hero Wars gameplay. It’s a lengthy, varied path to follow that’ll see you grow immensely over time, starting with a basic gameplay loop and eventually ending with you controlling titan characters dealing untold levels of damage against your opponents. It’s brilliant and it’ll have you feeling super satisfied after each clash.

If you want to play Hero Wars online for free, you’ll want to know about the gameplay elements:

  • Campaign: From the start, you’ll unlock ‘Campaign’, which’ll see you start building your team, fighting enemies in open combat and completing missions.
  • Arena: When you get to Team Level 10, you’ll unlock the Arena, giving you the chance to fight against other players and climb leaderboards.
  • Tower: The Tower unlocks at Team Level 15, and this is where a lot of gold can be farmed. In the Tower, players must ascend a series of levels, fighting increasingly difficult enemies.
  • Airship: When you reach Team Level 20, you’ll get access to the Airship, a station that’ll allow you to better manage your Heroes, sending them off on Expeditions to secure high-value loot.
  • Outland: At Team Level 25, you’ll be heading to the Outland, which is a special area that’ll see you fight against the game’s toughest boss characters.
  • Celestial City: When you reach Team Level 30, the game opens up in full, giving you access to Guilds, Guild Wars, Titans, and special Dungeons.
  • Adventures: At Team Level 40, you can go on exclusive Adventures with your Guild, clearing out difficult Dungeons and destroying bloodthirsty creatures.
  • Grand Arena: Team Level 50 unlocks the Grand Arena, which is a player-vs-player battlefield that’ll see you fight against the game’s best fighters.
  • Titan Valley: At Team Level 60, the final element – Titan Valley – is unlocked, putting you in control of enormous, hulking titan characters.

When we said there’s a lot to do and unlock in Hero Wars, we weren’t kidding. If that doesn’t make you want to play Hero Wars online, we don’t know what will.

Best Hero Wars Tips

Here are some of the best Hero Wars tips you’ll find online.

  • Consider Astaroth, Galahad, and Kiera as beginner Heroes
  • If you want to join a Guild in Hero Wars, make sure you pick the right one – you’ll want to be in a Guild that participates in events and Adventures
  • It’s worth investing a few dollars to get at least VIP 1, which unlocks a valuable auto-raid function
  • Watch the daily ads to farm rewards, even if you leave your device running while the ads play out
  • Avoid Heroes like Judge, Mojo, Heidi, Lilith, Lucas, Daredevil, Fox, and Aurora
  • Take advantage of missions to level up consistently
  • Work on one core team rather than playing with too many Heroes
  • Put extra resources into your ‘damage dealer’ Heroes
  • Learn which Heroes synergise better than others

Ultimately, you shouldn’t feel disheartened if you struggle when Hero Wars gets tougher. It’ll become a player-vs-player experience before long, and like any game, that’ll mean that you’re facing players who are more talented than you. Learn from your losses and come back tougher!

How Much Does Hero Wars Cost?

How much is Hero Wars? Well, it’s free-to-play, so it’ll cost you nothing to get started!

But with that in mind, we should stress that there are a lot of microtransactions in this game – that are optional, of course. They’ll give you the benefit of quickly unlocking Emeralds, resource packs, and chests, and they’re scalable to suit your budget. If you want to spend a few dollars to climb the VIP ranks quickly, then that’s totally up to you. Alternatively, you can spend hundreds of dollars on chests and packs to make the game unfold much quicker.

Again, it’s up to your budget and what you can afford. It’s not advised to spend more than you can afford to lose on the game, but that’s just the kind of advice you’ll hear about any game like Hero Wars. If you’re okay with grinding, you should never need to part ways with any money.

But with that being said, it’s a great idea to keep your eye open for sales in the store – they’re great to take advantage of.

Is Hero Wars a Good Game?

If you want to play Hero Wars online but you’re not sure if it’s a good game, look no further than this portion of our Hero Wars review. It’s a solid game, and that’s a fact that’s attested to by millions of players. It’s a well-reviewed title that has a lot going for it, and it’s positively bursting at the seams with content.

As there’s such a huge progression path, you’ll certainly never run out of things to do when you play Hero Wars online for free.


Nothing is stopping you from playing Hero Wars online. It’s free to download and get started with the game, and the microtransactions are optional. There’s plenty to learn about the game, but fortunately, it’s wide open for newcomers, and once you join a Guild, you’ll have a solid community there willing to help you out even more and learn what it takes to be one of the best Hero Wars players around.

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