Hero Wars Tournament of the Elements

If you are new to Hero Wars, you will come to learn about an exclusive mode called Tournament of the Elements.

This titan-sized challenge presents a unique, algorithm-driven opportunity for players of all proficiencies.

Here, we will guide you through all you need to know about the Tournament of the Elements. As well as this, you will learn how you can beat the titans every time and earn fantastic rewards.

What is the Hero Wars Tournament of the Elements?

In Hero Wars, the Tournament of the Elements is a unique, rotating event.

Here, players control and battle ‘Titans’. These are super-sized elemental characters with fearsome abilities.

There is a revolving door of challenges presented to the player. These challenges change daily, making it tough to lock down which enemy you will be fighting next.

As this is a tournament, you will be competing against other players to rank on a leaderboard.

The higher you place, the better the rewards.

There are some minor entry requirements, such as having your team of heroes sitting at a particular level.

You will also need to be in a Guild. That is the only way you can summon these gargantuan elemental fighters.

It can quickly become overwhelming for new players, but the operating model of the Tournament of the Elements is fairly forgiving.

You will earn rewards simply for taking part, and if the members of your Guild place high on the leaderboard, you will reap further rewards.

What do battles in this tournament consist of?

In the Tournament of the Elements, players will be tasked with pitting their team of Titans against other teams.

Each round they fight has a unique structure.

There is an attack round and a defence round, which means players will need to think tactically and change up their strategies on the fly.

As the tournament progresses, players will find themselves fighting tougher enemies at a higher volume .

This can quickly become suffocating and most players will not make it past a certain stage.

For most, success is found in the attacking rounds. This allows for manual actions, giving you another layer of control over the game.

Defence rounds, on the other hand, are auto-only.

This means you need to sit back and watch as your team of Titans potentially gets pulverised.

Other than the fact that you are controlling Titan characters, most of the game’s elements and mechanics remain the same in the Tournament of the Elements.


When you face an attacking round, you will quickly come to learn that it is more tactical than a defence round.

However, as you are controlling titans, they are infinitely more powerful than regular heroes.

This means you have an unlimited number of attack options and can unleash a torrent of abilities at the opposing team.

There is still a requirement to remain strategic, though .

It is still about timing and knowing when to trigger those primary – or ‘ultimate’ – abilities.

If you can defeat an entire team of Titans during the attack round, you will earn 250 points.

This is five times what you earn for winning a defence round.

Defence Team

Defence rounds are much less intensive, given that they qre locked on auto-mode.

There is nothing you can do to change how they unfold – aside from amending your team of titans, of course.

Once your team is locked in, you will enter the defensive round. The enemy team will try to lay waste to your fighters.

If your team is successful and holds off the enemy assault, you will earn a maximum of 50 points to boost your position on the leaderboard.

How many opponents are in each stage of the Tournament of the Elements?

Stage 15
Stage 27
Stage 3+9

What rewards are available for taking part in the tournament?

  • Essence of the Elements (Victory Reward)
  • Elemental Tournament Coins (Daily and Weekly Reward)
  • Gold (Weekly Reward)
  • Emeralds (Weekly Reward)
  • Elemental Tournament Certificate (Weekly Reward)

Victory Rewards

Victory Rewards are simple – they are what you will earn for successfully beating opponents in a team.

They consist of Essence of the Elements, which is the resource you will use to level up your Titan Artifacts.

This is the equipment that you apply to your Titans to give them certain boosts in combat.

This resource is only available through the Hero Wars Tournament of the Elements and certain special, limited-time events.

Daily Rewards

Daily Rewards consist of Elemental Tournament Coins.

You will earn these based on your progress through the tournament itself.

They are gained through the Tournament Chest and you will have an opportunity to earn more every day as the pot resets with each new rotation.

As you might expect, the Elemental Tournament Coins are used in the Elemental Tournament Shop, which lets you exchange those coins for Titan Artifact Fragments.

Weekly Rewards

Weekly Rewards are what most players aim for in the Tournament of the Elements.

If you can defeat all of your opponents throughout the weekly rotation, you will end up placing quite high on the leaderboard.

This results in you gaining a massive stack of Gold, Emeralds, and Elemental Tournament Coins that are dished out to members of your Guild.

This is also where you will earn Elemental Tournament Certificates.

How should Tournament Certificates be spent?

At the end of every weekly rotation, you will be dealt an amount of Elemental Tournament Certificates based on where you finished on the leaderboard.

In the Elemental Tournament Shop, you can exchange these Certificates for Hero Soul Stones, Artifact Coins, Skin Stone Chests, and Chaos Cores, among other things.

If you are not interested in the Tournament of the Elements, you can also unlock Certificates through daily quests and other special events.

But how should you spend your Tournament Certificates?

I would advise you to use your certificates to purchase Skin Stone Chests.

These contain special boosts that you can use to upgrade your Heroes and Titans on a cosmetic level, altering their ‘skin’.

The more Skin Stones you obtain and apply, the better the effects the skin will have on your Heroes or Titan characters.

If you are not interested in that (for whatever reason), then purchasing Soul Stones is your next best bet.

This weekly rotational event is something that every player should take part in, as the rewards are almost unparalleled – especially if you place high on the leaderboard.

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