Play Taonga Online For Free

If you want to see the wide, open world and build a bountiful farm while solving problems, managing resources, and building a community, then Taonga is the best game for you.

This free-to-play farming game is bursting at the seams with creative and explorative potential, allowing you to construct a thriving settlement from the ground up.

If you want to know how to play Taonga online for free, you’ve come to the right place.

In Taonga, players are charged with building and maintaining a farm, starting with nothing and turning it into a successful, profitable centre of agriculture.

It’s a game that goes far beyond being a simple farming adventure, though.

In Taonga, you’ll explore distant horizons, uncover new lands, make friends, and embark on fantastic quests.

So, if you’re eager to learn all there is to know about this impressive game, then read on – our full Taonga review awaits!

Our Rating:4.7⭐
Genre:Fantasy Farming Game
Available On:Android, Browser
DeveloperVolka Entertainment
Cost:Free-to-play (with optional microtransactions)

What Is Taonga?

Taonga is an entire world of possibilities, we’ll put it that way. It’s a game that has no real bounds, giving the player endless opportunities to create one of the best and most thriving farms ever conceived. It’s an adventure-packed, city-building game that’ll see players transcend the boundaries of their settlement and go out into the wide beyond, discovering new lands, plundering resources, employing strategis and building up their farm to epic proportions.

It’s a social game with many single-player mechanics that are guaranteed to keep a player entertained for hours on end. If you want to play Taonga online, you’ll be setting yourself up for a long story that’s positively brimming with engaging features, an immersive story, and best of all, no cost. It’s available on multiple platforms (mobile and browser) and it boasts millions of satisfied players.

As Taonga came out in 2016, it has had plenty of years to be finessed by the developer, Volka Entertainment. It has proven time and again that it has staying power, and the gamers who keep coming back to it appreciate the game’s crisp, attractive visuals and hugely entertaining gameplay loop.

How To Play Taonga Online

If you want to play Taonga online, you can do so through a mobile application or a browser on your PC or laptop.

Let’s say you want to play Taonga on mobile – you’ll need to go to the Google Play Store on your device, locate Taonga: The Island Farm, and hit download or install. From there, you’ll need to set up the game, open an account – or sign in to an existing one – and that’s it! It’s as simple as that.

If you want to play Taonga on PC, it’s even easier. You’ll need to navigate to the Taonga game page, make an account, or sign in to one that you’ve already created, and start playing the game.

It’s not a huge multiplayer game but it is connected to the internet, so Taonga will save your progress in a cloud somewhere. That means that you’ll be able to resume where you left off when you open the game again, and as long as the progress is saved to your account, you’ll always be able to play through the same saves and recover your island farm without any real difficulty.

Is Taonga Free To Play?

Taonga is free-to-play, like many other games in this niche. There’s no upfront cost to purchase Taonga and it can be downloaded or played online for free, but there are some optional microtransactions in the game. This is common and it isn’t an issue, as they’re ultimately not required to complete the game – they just offer attractive boosts and bonuses to the players who want to invest in them.

It’s important to manage your budget, but as the cost of Taonga starts very low, you can do that with ease. For instance, the cheapest microtransactions will be small energy boosts that cost as little as $1, while at the other end of that cost spectrum will be ‘mega packs’ that will cost as much as $50.

If you don’t have much time to grind your way through Taonga, then purchasing some of these packs might be a good idea. Again, they’re entirely optional, so don’t feel pressured to buy them.

Taonga Gameplay Features

Taonga has plenty of innovative, entertaining gameplay features for you to enjoy over time. Here are some of the best Taonga gameplay mechanics you’ll uncover while you play:

  • Island Exploration: Go from island to island on a boat that can be upgraded over time, hauling back precious resources that you can use to expand your settlement.
  • Farm Building: Take the opportunity to expand your farm whenever possible, introducing new buildings, more crops, livestock, and much more – it’s up to you where everything goes.
  • Take On Quests: There are plenty of quests and missions to complete in Taonga, and some of them will reward you with a bounty of goods like resources, money, and all-important experience points.
  • Build a Community: In Taonga, you can play alongside friends and build a strong community, leaning on each other for support, particularly during tough challenges.

As we’ve said, if you want to play Taonga online, you’ll be getting involved with a game that has heaps to offer. It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran gamer or a relatively new player, there’s something for everyone in Taonga, and that’s why millions of people continue to play it almost a decade after it was released.

Is Taonga Multiplayer?

Taonga does boats multiplayer features, but there’s no way to fight other people in the game. For instance, you can go on expeditions and quests alongside your friends, using them for support and an extra set of eyes and hands. There’s nothing wrong with relying on your neighbours, and that’s what Taonga is all about. It’s about building a settlement but also ensuring that the community around it flourishes.

It’s worth mentioning that you don’t need other players to appreciate the game. There’s plenty that you can see and do without them, and if you’re more of a ‘lone wolf’ when it comes to games, that’s fine. You’ll still enjoy everything that Taonga has to offer.

Best Taonga Tips

Here are the best Taonga tips we can offer you before you start playing the game. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing on a mobile application or in a browser, these Taonga tips are still relevant:

  • Earn Energy, Always: Energy is an important mechanic in Taonga – without it, you can’t work effectively. So, you’ll need to keep an eye open for all the ways to get more energy in Taonga. There are a few ways to do this, such as completing missions, resting in a hammock, eating a meal, opening energy chests, collecting seashells, and purchasing energy through microtransactions.
  • Be Productive: One of the easiest ways to earn money in Taonga is to process production and agricultural orders on your farm. By selling your crops, you make money – it’s that simple.
  • Explore Everything: As you traverse the world within Taonga, you’ll come across countless things to discover, from chests to hidden locations and mysterious quests. It’s well worth exploring everything, clicking all the markers, and interacting with every icon – you never know what you’ll find.

Ultimately, remember to have fun playing Taonga. It’s a brilliant game with plenty to offer, and that’s a huge win considering it’s free-to-play.

Does Taonga Have a Story?

In Taonga, the story is that you’ve inherited a farm on a lush island paradise, and it’s up to you to relocate to that farm and make it something worth talking about. That means that you’ll be charged with building that farm up from nothing, making it something truly impressive and worth looking at. With Taonga’s sumptuous visuals, you’ll likely get lost in the many plants, crops, buildings, and animals available for cultivation, and that’s exactly what’s intended by the game’s developer.

Outside of building a fantastic, fully functioning farm, there are plenty of quests to be completed and enemies to be defeated. While these quests don’t offer much in the story department, they do make for a nice change of pace. Also, you can explore a wide, open world in search of the resources you’ll need to make your farm enormous.


So, is our Taonga review enough to make you want to play the game? Remember that it’s widely accessible, and you don’t need to be a farming expert to get involved. If you want to play Taonga online, all you need is a mobile device, a PC, or a laptop, and you’re set. There’s so much to discover in this attractive, engaging game, we just know you’ll have a great time playing it.

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