Taonga Buildings

Alongside spending a lot of time farming, you will spread your efforts equally across a number of efforts in this game.

This will include treasure hunting, completing quests, and constructing unique buildings that provide beneficial rewards and progression.

Throughout this page, we will take a closer look at Taonga buildings, their roles and what rewards you can acquire from their production.

What roles do Taonga buildings play?

You will use Taonga buildings for various purposes, but primarily for crafting items and resource generation.

Every building provides some type of service to your Home Island.

Most simply produce materials, allowing your economy to flourish even when you’re not playing the game.

What buildings are available in Taonga?

BeauticianBotany HuntButterfly Palace
EntomologistFruit PressGlass Blower
LoomLumberjackLure Workshop
Oven & GrillPastry ShopPotter
SawmillSmithyTropical Bar
Stone CarverStone QuarrySun Dryer


The Beautician prepares various cosmetic products in exchange for natural ingredients on and around the Home Island.

This is a costly building, requiring 140,000 coins.

You must reach level 24 to build the Beautician.

What rewards are available for constructing the beautician?

Moisturizing LotionNourishing CreamExtra-Strong Styling Wax

Botany Hut

The Botany Hut, a build found on the Island of the Plant Kingdom, becomes available to you upon completing the various quests on the island.

Once you finish the questline, you do not have to pay any currency to construct the Botany Hut on your Home Island.

Its only use is for aesthetics and to view your Botany Achievements.

Butterfly Palace

The Butterfly Palace is a grand palace available once you reach level 25.

It requires finishing Dr. Yorick Hansson’s tasks and Entomologist Level 7 before construction occurs.

Afterwards, the Butterfly Palace allows the game’s butterfly species to utilize their unique abilities.

This will speed up production on your Home Island.


The Carpenter is an early-game building, available from level 3 on.

It only costs 400 coins on your Home Island to build.

The Carpenter takes wood, as well as “saws, hews, whittles, and polishes” to create a usable resource for late-game crafting.

What rewards are available for constructing the carpenter?

ArrowsBucketGrooming Comb


For a mere 12,000 coins, you can build the Creamery upon reaching level 11.

It does require quite a few Planks, which means you must have a Carpenter working around the clock to construct this Home Island structure.

Once you do, however, it produces cream, cheese, butter, and dairy items.


You must construct an Entomologist on your Home Island to take advantage of the game’s gorgeous butterflies and bugs.

It unlocks at level 12, costs 35,000 coins, and requires several resources to craft its items.

Once you’re set up and running, the Entomologist produces Butterfly Nets and various types of Nectar.

Fruit Press

At level 9, you will unlock the Fruit Press for your Home Island.

It allows you to take fruits and vegetables and craft juice and oils.

However, crafting requires numerous resources, as does constructing this 9,000-coin structure.


The Glassblower, a level 15 building that costs 40,000 coins, designs clear and colored glass and glass items using quartz crystals and firewood.

You will need a Carpenter to keep their production lines full.


The Hunter is a 15,000-coin Taonga building that unlocks at level 11.

It allows you to bring meat in exchange for arrows.

The structure will go through a few arrows and some bait, usually vegetables or bread, to supply meat to the Home Island.


You can only access the Kiosks at the Winter Fair, and each one produces a different type of holiday treat.

For example, you can earn shortbread, ice cream, gingerbread, candy cane, eggnog, and chocolate pudding.


The Kitchen is one of the earliest buildings you’ll unlock and construct.

It costs zero building resources, becomes available at level 1, and produces food items from various resources.


A Loom unlocks at level 22 and costs 75,000 coins.

This produces thread and tissue in exchange for natural fibers that you can harvest.

However, it’s expensive and requires quite a few resources to construct.


The Lumberjack, a level 1 building with zero construction costs, allows you to cut down various trees on Home Island.

After this process is completed, it will produce the necessary building materials for new construction.

Lure Workshop

If you intend to focus on Taonga’s fishing mechanics, you need the Lure Workshop.

It costs 20,000 coins and unlocks at level 21.

Once you kickstart production, however, it can craft numerous types of lures to help catch high-tier fish.

What rewards are available for constructing the Lure Workshop?

LureGreen LureBlue Lure
Purple LureGold Lure


The Millstone, another level 1 structure, requires zero resources to build.

It’s available from the first stage of Taonga, and it grinds grain, seeds, dry herbs, and flowers to craft new items.

What rewards are available for constructing the Millstone?

FlourChicken Feed
Cow FeedScrub


You can find the Observatory on the Island of the Fiery Star.

Once you finish the questline there, it becomes an unlockable Taonga building on your Home Island.

To reach that point, you must hit level 8 in the game and then spend resources for its construction.

Oven & Grill

At level 15, you will open the Oven & Grill.

This is a helpful structure that allows you to take meat and fish from other buildings.

By doing this, you can roast and cook in a large oven.

It does cost 90,000 coins, though.

What rewards are available for constructing the Oven & Grill?

StewBundt CakeBanana Boat
NachosFish & ChipsFish Skewers

Pastry Shop

The Pastry Shop unlocks at level 20 and requires 60,000 coins, alongside a handful of resources.

But it bakes delicious food for you!

What rewards are available for constructing the Pastry Shop?

Chocolate CupcakesBerry CupcakesMango Parfait
Lemon TartStrawberry ShortcakeBanana Pie


The Potter unlocks early, at level 6, and costs 10,000 coins.

Once built, it bakes and sculpts clay items from resources.

What rewards are available for constructing the Potter?

Clay LanternVase


You can track down the Sawmill on the Island of the Turtles.

Enrique will help you produce the necessary items.


Found on the Island of the First Accord around level 27, the Smithy requires zero additional costs to place on your Home Island.

It will produce the Axe of Damask Steel.

Stone Carver

For a staggering 200,000 coins at level 17, the Stone Carver takes stones and polishes them into intricate works of art.

What rewards are available for constructing the Stone Carver?

Block of StoneWhite Marble Slab

Stone Quarry

You’ll use the Stone Quarry at level 7 to gather Stone, Clay, Quartz Crystal, and White Marble.

It will then crack them open for you.

Sun Dryer

The Sun Dryer, a level 5 structure, dehydrates herbs, leaves, and flowers to create quality items.

What rewards are available for constructing the Sun Dryer?

Dry JuteBanana ChipsRed Pigment

Tropical Bar

When you have plenty of fruit to spare, place down the Tropical Bar to craft refreshing cocktails and drinks.

It’s available from level 12.


The Weaver, unlocked at level 6, will crate basks, mats, and valuable items using common grass and leaves on your Home Island.

What rewards are available for constructing the Weaver?

BasketReed MatRope
Rope LadderTorchTowel

There are so many unique Taonga buildings to uncover.

Some prove more valuable than others, and they’re all costly.

You will have to pick and choose, using your Home Island space wisely!

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