Hero Wars Strategies

In Hero Wars, players are tasked with constructing a capable team of fighters to face off against challenging enemies and epic bosses.

It’s all about winning battles, and you cannot do that without some solid strategies.

In this guide, we will break down the best Hero Wars strategies for managing resources, winning fights, and assembling the optimal squad of Heroes.

What are the best strategies for beginners to follow in Hero Wars?

At first glance, Hero Wars might look like a relatively complex game. That is owed mostly to the vast library of hero-based characters you will come to know.

One of the most important beginner strategies to pay attention to is to start with the right Heroes.

There are quite a few starter heroes that you will incorporate into your team early on.

However, not all of them are as worthwhile as the others.

As a rule of thumb, most experienced players lean towards the likes of Galahad, Ginger, Kiera, and Thea.

It’s mostly subjective, but these are typically some of the best starter Heroes that will help you carve through the campaign.

As you progress, you will have the ability to build a team of up to five Heroes, but it’s not just about padding out your squad with whatever characters look the coolest.

To that end, there are some roles you will want to focus on more than others.

In my experience, you will want a strong assassin Hero – a character focused on damage output.

As a beginner, putting a lot of attention on levelling up one core damage-based Hero was pivotal to my success early on.

It’s a solid strategy to get stuck into the campaign. Start dealing with any available missions as soon as possible, and then secure any daily missions and quests as and when they pop up.

As you lead your team through the campaign, including ‘Hero’s Path’ quests, you will unlock a bounty of rewards and credits to use in the store. All of these are seriously valuable to newcomers.

Not just that but the campaign is also the best proving ground for learning the basics of the game – that’s mostly why it exists!

It might not sound like the most entertaining tip, but watch the ads that pop up on Hero Wars.

If you are a free-to-play player, you will want to soak up as many benefits as possible. That requires watching some ads from time to time.

Some experienced players will let ads run while they focus on doing something else, earning rewards for doing nothing.

What starter heroes should players consider in Hero Wars?

There are plenty of starter heroes to choose from in Hero Wars, but they’re not all worth your time.

With that in mind, here is a little information about the best starter heroes in Hero Wars.


As we said, you will want to prioritise building up a solid damage-dealing hero when you start playing Hero Wars.

There are few better characters to fill that role than Keira.

She is one of the most capable fighters in the entire game, and her ability to slay is almost unmatched.

Keira is also a much faster hero when it comes to launching attacks. This is important when you are trying to subdue enemies quickly.


As a solid marksman hero, Ginger lays down heavy fire with an impressive ranged weapon.

As she boasts powerful armour-penetrating attacks, she’s the bane of early-game enemies.

When you spend a little time levelling up Ginger, you will quickly come to learn that she is a formidable fighter.

She can easily transcend being ‘just a starter Hero’ and will ultimately become a pivotal part of your core squad.


There are a few core elements you will need to pay attention to when building a team, and one of those elements is the ‘tank’ hero.

Fortunately, you can pick Astaroth as a starting hero.

He is one of the best tanks in the game. His abilities are flawless for a beginner player.

He can bring fallen fighters back to life with a revival-based ability, which many believe makes him one of the most valuable heroes available.


Galahad is the poster boy for Hero Wars – he’s the character that everyone associates with the game, boasting a shiny suit of armour and a large sword.

It is a worthwhile idea to invest in Galahad as a starter hero, especially if you are focusing on a physical team and not one that is more focused on magic.

He boasts lethal abilities that cut enemies to shreds, but one of his attributes causes him to ‘leech’ health from his opponents.


Every good team needs a healer-based hero, and to fill that role early on, you will do well to rely on Thea.

She is a stealthy, speedy character with plenty in the tank when it comes to supporting a damage-focused team.

While she is not the most capable healer in the game, she is perfect for beginners looking to field a great support character.

What team-building strategies should players follow in Hero Wars?

There is nothing more important than having a well-oiled team in Hero War.

That means assembling it the right way, ticking all the boxes, and boosting the synergy between your heroes is incremental.

Fill the roles

Before you even consider chasing down certain heroes to put in your team, you will need to make sure they are contributing effectively and boosting your make-up.

There are a few roles that need to be filled, and they are the same as in most RPGs.

Firstly, you will need a solid damage dealer, a stalwart tank, and a selection of support heroes, such as healers and secondary damage dealers.

Focus on hitting hard

In Hero Wars, focusing on levelling up and upgrading a core damage dealer is integral to your success.

They will be the main character taking down your enemies while the team around them offers support and healing, and blocks incoming attacks.

Strengths and weaknesses

Much of Hero Wars is about countering the enemies before you.

Before entering a stage, you’ll often know what you’re going to be up against.

That means you’ll need to flesh out your team with appropriate heroes to counter what’s waiting.

For instance, if a lead enemy fighter has devastating direct attacks, you’ll want to lean into a character on your team that has exceptional evasion-based skills.

If you’re building strong damage dealers, they need to have boost crit chances and physical attack power.

Remain flexible

With all that being said, there’s nothing more capable than a flexible roster of fighters that can ebb and flow as needed.

That is why it’s a solid idea to work on levelling up a wide variety of characters.

Some will serve a particular purpose that others will not. It’s not always obvious when you will need to call on a fringe hero that you rarely use to save the day.

It makes for more of a grind, but in many ways, that’s what the game is all about.

What Hero Wars battle strategies should players consider?

If you have built a solid team that is synergised and upgraded, you are ready to dominate on the battlefield.

There are a few recommended strategies that you should pay attention to as opposed to facing down your opponents with brute force and tenacity.

Take control

In Hero Wars, there are two ways to play – automatically and manually.

In the case of the former option, you are letting the game lead the fight. The onboard algorithms will try and detect the best time for you to unleash an attack.

However, it is not the most intuitive system.

If you are actively playing Hero Wars and not letting it unfold by itself, focus on manual mode.

This will help to make sure your primary skills are being utilised as effectively as possible.

Lean on your friends

Sometimes, the best way to win fights is to follow the ‘meta strategies’ that other players are using.

These are intricate approaches to combat that are evolving all the time.

With that in mind, I have found it useful to join the in-game Guild function, enter the server chats, and join other, off-platform servers (like those found on Discord). This has helped me to get the best battle strategies for Hero Wars.

There are many experienced players out there will stacks of guidance when it comes to winning fights.

Learn the basics

If you are playing Hero Wars in a browser, there are various keyboard shortcuts that you can use to boost your abilities in battle.

They will make triggering certain actions much faster.

For instance, keys 1 through 5 will instantly trigger your heroes’ primary abilities – and it will happen much faster than with a fumbling mouse click.

What are the best strategies to gain more resources?

There are many ways to gain resources in Hero Wars, and some are much easier to learn than others.

For the most part, the game actively seeks to reward you with resources that you can get from just opening a box or clicking a button,.

Other methods will require a more sizeable investment of time and money.

Open everything

This is one of the most solid Hero Wars strategies to earn resources.

There are special chests and quest rewards that will require collecting as you progress through the game.

Don’t miss a single boost or bonus and make sure you take everything the game throws at you.

That includes watching ads to get more free resources in the game.

It might not be the most enjoyable thing, but it yields rewards.

Spend wisely

As you play, you will amass emeralds that you can use to purchase energy and other key items.

It is not advised to spend them as soon as you have got them.

You should try and stay ‘in the green’ with your emeralds and always keep a reserve.

That is the same for any in-game currency, but emeralds are the most important thing.

If you take part in the Tournament of Elements, complete special events, and tick off your quests, you will naturally accrue plenty of emeralds anyway.

Buddy up

Joining a Guild will net you a bounty of resources, such as Enchantment Runes.

This is one of the best passive strategies that I have found to earn more resources in Hero Wars.

Not only that but joining a good Guild opens up more support options and unlocks a few more features in the game.

With these Hero Wars strategies, you will be able to construct a capable team that effortlessly carves through opposing squads.

Remember that this is an ever-changing game, and you never know what the next meta will be.

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