Hero Wars Guild

Guilds represent one of the most interactive and collaborative ways to explore the may facets of a game.

In this guide, we will break down everything you need to know about the Hero Wars guild, the benefits of joining other players and how this can accelerate progression.

What is the Guild in Hero Wars?

The guild is an umbrella term for any guild in Hero Wars.

It is a group of players united by membership to a team that can reach up to thirty members.

Once a player has reached Team Level 30, they can start their own guild and invite members into it, or join an existing one and be a contributing member.

There are many benefits to joining or starting a Hero Wars guild.

For instance, several modes are exclusive to guild members, and some team-based modes can’t be played unless you are part of a team.

There are special roles, bonuses, and rewards to unlock, and stepping into a well-functioning guild can see you rise through the ranks.

All of these are controlled and managed by the guild members themselves.

What is the Celestial City?

The Celestial City plays home to every guild in the game.

It is a virtual, fictional location where the Hero Wars guilds congregate, and it is where all the guild-exclusive game modes can be accessed.

It is a heavenly environment that is a little prestigious.

Players must meet ‘entry criteria’ before they can access the Celestial City.

Here are the modes you will find in the Celestial City:

Circle of SummoningUse Summoning Spheres to gain Titans
AsgardUse several key locations to upgrade Heroes and access the Hall of Fame
Clash of WorldsTake part in competitive, cross-server battles
Cross-Server TournamentTake part in competitive, cross-server battles, but only on Mobile
DungeonFight through challenging stages to earn Titan Soul Stones
Elemental CradleBattle powerful Hydras alongside your Guild members
Heart of PowerGet access to the Forge to upgrade Hero Glyphs
Titan ValleyAccess several locations centered around Titan characters
SanctuarySummon and manage Pets and their equipment
Guild WarsTake part in weekly tournaments and fight against other Guilds
TitansExplore the giant elemental characters you can unlock after joining a Guild
Titan Soul ShopUse the Titan Soul Shop to purchase items for your Titans

What rewards are available to earn from the Guild?

As mentioned, many rewards are exclusive to guild members.

These can only be accessed after joining a team – or creating and leading one.

For taking part in guild activities, you will unlock Great Enchantment Runes and Guild Master’s Present rewards.

You will also get exclusive rewards for taking part in certain modes, like the Dungeon.

If you venture into the depths of this challenging mode, you will gain Titanite that you can exchange for Summoning Spheres.

Great Enchantment Runes

Great Enchantment Runes are used in the Forge – which is exclusive to Guild members – to enchant Glyphs.

You can use Glyphs to upgrade your Heroes across a range of stats. This includes intelligence, strength, agility, magic defence, and dodge.

Guild Master’s Present

Guild Master’s Present is a reward earned for taking part in guild activities, and how well you perform indicates how many presents you will receive.

If you max out your performance, you will unlock up to 11 Guild Master’s present rewards.

Each present is valuable, containing 250 titan potions, 1 summoning sphere, and 100,000 gold.

It stands to reason that if you take part in guild activities regularly and are a solid, contributing member, you will reap these rewards.

Guild Titanite Rewards

When you venture into the dungeon in Hero Wars, you will face off against fearsome enemies with powerful abilities.

For advancing through the dungeon and defeating your opponents, you will receive stacks of titanite.

This can be exchanged for Summoning Spheres that are used to generate Titans back in the Celestial City.

What are Guild roles in Hero Wars?

There are various roles and ranks in a Hero Wars guild that are established to identify the hierarchy of players.

It is important to note that not every guild member is equal and that some have more control over the guild than others.

Here is the breakdown of roles in a Hero Wars guild;

  • General – The top-most role with complete control over the guild. This role can dismiss members, issue rewards, and manage the guild’s defensive capabilities.
  • Leader – Otherwise known as Commander, the leader can also manage the defensive capabilities of the guild.
  • Officer – Can dismiss members and edit the guild’s ‘blacklist’.
  • Member – The starting role for new members, which has no benefits outside of being part of the team and earning the exclusive rewards outlined above.

There is a succession plan written into the guilds.

If a Guild Master is not active for more than thirty days the next highest-ranked player will take their spot.

The benefits far outweigh the effort and risk of being part of a Hero wars guild.

Ultimately, joining one will align you with more experienced players who will help you on your path through the game.

It’s a win-win situation.

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