Hero Wars Special Events

Within this game, there is dense calendar of opportunities unravelling all the time.

These bring limited-time quests to players and put several hefty bonuses on the table.

 Here, we will break down everything you need to know about the Hero Wars special events. This includes what they entail and what you should take full advantage.

What are Special Events in Hero Wars?

It might sound obvious, but the name describes it perfectly.

Hero Wars special events are quests and challenges that are only available for a certain amount of time.

The longest typically lasts around seven days. 

The events calendar is one of the most dynamic elements of this game, and it’s ever-changing and continuously evolving.

During special events, players will need to tick certain boxes.

That could involve defeating particular enemies, performing a particular action, or interacting with a core element of the game – spending energy. 

When you have completed all that an event has to offer, you will be presented with sizeable rewards for taking part.

What are Daily Events?

In Hero Wars, daily events are short, snapshot events with very simple requirements. 

They are typically able to be completed in just a few minutes, following a rotation pattern that ensures they are different every day. 

Typically, the rewards for daily events are quite slim.

This is because you can complete them every day.

Like other types of events, these rotate regularly to give players a sense of variation.

The Daily Bonus

The daily bonus is almost considered a ‘micro event’ – players must log in at least once per day to receive a reward.

There is one key element at play here – the more consecutive days you log in during a month, the better the rewards will get.

It is a tiered system, meaning that by the end of the month, your daily log-in bonuses will be substantial. 

If you hit every scheduled log-in, you will wind up walking await with a stack of rewards. This can include 1,000 energy, 980,000 gold, and 550 emeralds. 

Skin Sale

Skin sale is another type of daily log-in boost-based event.

Once you have got a little way into the game, you will see the skin sale daily event pop up. This offers you the chance to open up boost packages that contain skin stones. 

What are Bi-Weekly 3-Day Events?

The bi-weekly 3-day events calendar is an ever-rotating array of challenges that last three days each. 

It is a looping structure that is easy to predict.

Typically, players will jump headlong into each event to reap the more sizeable rewards. 

These events are more ‘hands-on’. They require players to fight and win battles, as opposed to just logging in and collecting a reward.

Lord of the Arena

Lord of the Arena is the first 3-day event in the rotation, and it has been running in the game’s ecosystem since 2017.

In this Hero Wars special event, players must fight in the arena to earn arena coins and gold.

It is a tough ask, though. to reap the most rewards, you will need to take part in 45 arena matches. 

Hero of Outland

Hero of Outland offers huge in-game cash bonuses and boosts. This is because it is a multi-faceted challenge with multiple task types. 

To soak up everything Hero of Outland has to offer, players will need to win battles and open chests in the region – up to a total of 10 times for each objective.

Top of the Tower

Top of the Tower is a lucrative opportunity to farm gold and tower coins. 

Like other events, this requires players to open chests in a certain area.

This requires a substantial investment of emeralds, which is where some players may be hesitant about progressing. 

Into the Depths

Into the Depths is themed around Titans.

It will require players to embark on journeys into the Guild Dungeon, securing titanite to earn gold and titan potions. 

There are some sizeable entry requirements to the latter stages of this event.

With that being said, it is worth getting involved to secure the daily gold-based boosts and the stacks of titan potions.

Energetic Warrior

Energetic Warrior is the ‘last event’ in the rotation, but it’s also one of the least popular 3-day events. 

This one is all about energy. It requires you to expend a vast amount to reap the largest boosts.

If you spend around 10,000 energy throughout the event, you will pick up massive XP boosts in the form of EXP potions.

These will help you fly up the levels.

What are Monthly and Special Occasions?

Like all other Hero Wars special events, monthly events and special occasions are limited-time challenges that offer exclusive rewards. 

However, their cadence is much slower. They only take place a few times a year.

Sometimes, ‘Special Occasions’ is a label applied to a simple sale on emeralds or other in-game purchasable items.

Emerald Waterfalls

A few times a year, players can take part in the Emerald Waterfalls event.

This can earn you a bunch of rewards for buying emeralds from the in-game store. 

There are sizeable requirements, though. To maximise the ‘cashback’, players will need to purchase as many as 300,000 emeralds. 

These are typically the Hero Wars special events that players will hold out for, not purchasing emeralds until they know they will get bonus boosts for doing so.

Emerald x4 sale

When this special event goes live, players will be able to secure four times the emeralds they usually would when they purchase the in-game currency. 

Typically, these will pop up once a month.

Emerald x5 sale

The Emerald x5 sale event gives players a massive boost on their purchases. 

It takes place less often than the Emerald x4 Sale. However, players will flock to to maximise the number of emeralds they get for their investment of real-world cash. 

What are Hero Events?

If a new Hero is released or if an existing Hero (or Heroes) is reworked, a special event will usually take place as a showcase. 

During this time, players will be able to unlock Hero Soul Stones tied to these ‘promoted Heroes’. 

These events are great for checking out a new Hero and for potentially scouting upgrades and replacements. 

Quite often, if the developer releases a new skin for a particular Hero, that’ll be enough to trigger a Hero Event.

What are Pet Events?

Players can earn, unlock, and equip pets in Hero Wars. 

They are adorable companions that offer some sizeable benefits, but you will need to hit team level 40 before you can equip them. 

They are also only available on the browser version.

As of this year, the list of available pets includes dogs, fairies, reanimated plants, shadows, and dragons. 

During Pet Events, players have the chance to unlock a stack of bonuses and boosts. Almost all of these are themed around upgrading your pets.

What are Resource Events?

Resource Events are simple, rotating challenges that offer rewards in the form of much-needed resources.

 Like other events, Resource Events will require players to tick a series of boxes, earning more the better they are or the further they go.

In Resource Events, players can unlock Outland, Tower, and arena coins, skin stones, and artifact resources. 

What are Annual Seasonal Events?

Every year, four events rotate in celebration of the seasons and special, festive events in our real world. 

At the start of the year, the Spring Rebirth event take place. This is followed by the Summer Festival. 

Around Halloween, the Spooky Festival is hosted in the game. The year is capped off with Winterfest, which is a two-week event that offers very exclusive rewards.

Typically, these events will offer benefits – such as skins – that can only be earned during the limited-time occasion.

There are a few entry requirements – tied mostly to team levels – but these events are designed to be accessible and open to as many players as possible.

What are Month-Long Seasonal Events?

To fill the gaps between the Annual Seasonal Events, Nexters (Hero Wars’ developer) introduced Month-Long Seasonal Events.

These are special seasons that rotate to ensure there is always a challenge available somewhere. 

They include the likes of Pet Season, Nature Season, and Champions Season, and are themed events that offer exclusive rewards and benefits. 

They are tougher to get into than regular events, though.

For instance, Pet Season requires that players boast a team level of 109 or higher. 

For those playing a Champion Season, the entry threshold is team level 80. For Nature Season, it’s team level 75.

Each event has themed rewards, which are generally made obvious by the naming convention of the events themselves.

What are Titan Events?

Titan Events are some of the most challenging limited-time offers in Hero Wars.

They require players to battle various powerful Titans in a bid to secure top-tier rewards that are focused on Titans themselves. 

There is almost always a Titan event to welcome new or amended Titans.

For completing these events, players will earn Titan Potions, Titan Soul Stones, Titan Artifact chests, and Summoning Spheres, among other things.

What are Unique Events

Unique Events are special in-game occasions that will trigger based on a certain milestone being reached in-game. 

They traditionally boast exclusive or substantial rewards based on the fact that they’re one-time occurrences.

They are almost always unlocked by doing something related to the game’s campaign. 

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