Fortnite Wilds Update Trailer Drops at Summer Game Fest

fortnite wilds update

Epic Games revealed the Fortnite Wilds update on June 5th, but it wasn’t until today – during the Summer Game Fest – that we got our first true look at what’s coming in the all-new season. It’s releasing tomorrow, June 9th, so Fortnite fans won’t have long to wait until they’re swinging through the brand-new jungle biome of Fortnite Wilds.

In a tantalizing trailer, we saw dinosaurs, daredevil explorers, Transformers, temple heists, and some fairly exciting cinematic teasers.

Welcome to the Jungle

For a while, Fortnite’s jungle-themed map was being passed around as a rumour, but thanks to Epic’s reveals (and a series of leaks), we know that it’s coming – tomorrow, in fact. On June 9th, the Fortnite Wilds update will be released on all platforms, all around the world.

Recently, Fortnite’s Twitter team started releasing images of a series of new characters and skins stepping into the limelight with Chapter 4, Season 3, such as Optimus Prime, a mullet-toting Meowscles, and an all-new foursome named Era, Trace, Rian, and Lorenzo.

Fortnite Wilds arrives tomorrow, June 9th – are you excited?

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