COD Season 04 ‘Vondel’ Trailer Shown at Summer Game Fest

cod season 04 update

Call of Duty’s Season 04 update was already blown wide open in the roadmap shared by Activision, but the impending season was uncovered even further during the Summer Game Fest. In a revealing trailer, Season 04’s Vondel map was fully explored – and it looks good.

We got our first close look at Vondel, the new Warzone map that’ll offer DMZ and Resurgence rotations when Season 04 goes live on June 14th. That’s the most highly anticipated piece of content dropping in the all-new season, but there’s plenty more content besides just that on the way.

Season 04 Changes the Game

We covered the new roadmap just yesterday, breaking down everything that’s coming with Season 04, from the new multiplayer maps and weapons to the new (and returning) operators and modes. It’s a packed update, and it should keep players entertained for a least a few weeks.

Thanks to the Summer Game Fest, we now know what Vondel looks like from a closer perspective – and we’re impressed.

There’s plenty of verticality in Vondel, and it’s a varied environment. From high rooftops to canals that promote water-based combat, there are plenty of ways to play. There’s also a good mix of POIs littered across the map, from clubs and car parks to an abandoned zoo and churches – it’ll make for an exciting rotation.

And, thanks to an eagle-eyed user on Twitter, it looks as though a crossover featuring The Boys will surface in the near future!

Has that piqued your interest?

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