Spider-Man 2 Confirmed to Launch October 2023

It’s been confirmed that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will launch in October 2022, specifically on October 20, 2023.

New details were revealed by Creative Director Bryan Intihar surrounding Insomniac’s highly anticipated Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 at this year’s Summer Game Fest. The announcement comes following the gameplay reveal of Spider-Man 2 at the PlayStation Showcase after fans were concerned with the lack of a release date announcement.

Intihar shared further details surrounding the plot and gameplay mechanics for the anticipated sequel, specifically surrounding the game’s villains. Kraven is depicted as a more grounded antagonist who is simply looking for his greatest hunt. Interestingly, Venom’s identity is still shrouded in mystery.

Eddie Brock is largely considered to be Venom’s most well-known host, but Itihar has confirmed that this will not be the case in Spider-Man 2. Further villains are set to be featured in the game and will likely be revealed closer to release.

We also got our first look at what is likely to be the game’s official cover art which features both Peter Parker and Miles Morales side by side. Striking concept art was also shared and features the two in a brutal struggle against Venom. Itihar promises a significant improvement in gameplay with Peter now having a much more aggressive move set to convey the raw power that comes with the symbiote.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 launches later this year exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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