Throne and Liberty Gets a New Cinematic Trailer

throne and liberty

It’s Amazon’s much-talked-about MMORPG that features all kinds of elements, from PvPvE combat and conquest battles to the ability to fight as animal-human hybrids, and it just received an all-new trailer during the Summer Game Fest showcase.

Throne and Liberty has been in development since at least 2011, and it’s still on the horizon, with developer NCSoft apparently hard at work as we speak. In the all-new trailer, we see a fairly fantastic game showcased in all its computer-generated glory, but there’s still no real date for the release of this long-awaited, beleaguered title.

Throne and Liberty May Finally Be Released Soon

At the end of the new trailer for Throne and Liberty, a request was put out for more playtesters – it seems that there’s still a lot of work lined up before the game can finally be released. Recently, it was suggested that another postponement has taken place behind closed doors, and Throne and Liberty will now be released in Q4 of 2023 – but that’s unconfirmed at present.

Regardless, the trailer looked good, and it showcased the unique story and combat elements found in the game that many players and prospective fans have been excited about for quite some time. It’s far from being the first trailer, though – we’ve seen a few cinematic insights drop over the years as players have got their insider glimpses at the game through various beta and alpha phases.

It has had plenty of mixed feedback, and ultimately, nobody really knows when it’s going to be released in full.

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