Street Fighter 6 Is Crossing Over With Exoprimal

Street Fighter 6 is set to crossover with Exoprimal later this fall following the game’s official release in the Summer.

The news was revealed during today’s Summer Game Fest with an official trailer. The first look at the crossover sees series mascot Ryu sporting a very different look as he’s confronted by a sinister artificial intelligence before being transported to Bikitoa Island.

You can watch the trailer here:

From there the trailer descends into absolute insanity. Don’t suppose you’ve ever thought about delivering a well-placed Hadouken to a frickin’ dinosaur by any chance? You have, well guess what? Now you can.

While it looks like you do have some access to Ryu’s iconic move set, he seems to have ditched his more conventional martial arts in favour of one of the monstrously huge guns players can expect to utilize in Exoprimal.

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He’s joined by another mainstay of the series, Guile, who like Ryu has his very own Exosuit. It’s likely that we’ll get an official release date for the collaboration after the game drops on July 14. Interestingly the crossover is marketed as the first of a series of collaborations. It’s possible that we could see other iconic Capcom heroes join the world of Exoprimal.

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