COD Season 04 Roadmap Released for MWII and Warzone

vondel season 04 update

On Twitter, Call of Duty’s chief profile shared the roadmap for the Season 04 update, which is due to drop on June 14th. It’s a sizeable beast of an update, featuring a whole host of new maps, weapons, modes, events, and of course, bundles and operators.

It confirms that the new Warzone map – Vondel – will be available at launch for those looking to play a few rounds of DMZ and Resurgence, suggesting that battle royale will drop at a later date. There’s a wide range of ‘Vondel-only’ content coming in Season 04, suggesting that a lot of time and attention has gone into the all-new map.

Warzone and MWII’s Season 04 Update Approaches

Are we calling it ‘Warzone’ again? In the new roadmap dropped by Activision detailing Call of Duty’s Season 04 update, the ‘2.0’ seems to have been omitted from the entire document.

There’s a stack of content coming in the brand-new update, least of all being the new Warzone map – Vondel.

There will be six multiplayer maps surfacing in Modern Warfare II, including Showdown, a rebuild of the iconic map from 2007’s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. On the MWII side, one insane developer has made the decision to implement 12 v 12 Search and Destroy, which is sure to be an absolute nightmare for all involved.

Vondel will pick up a limited-time mode called Lockdown, as well as in-game items like weapons case rewards, a new contract, a brand new public event, an all-new vehicle, and a ‘dynamic fog system.’ It seems that no expense has been spared in plugging Vondel full of as much exclusive content as possible, and it’s sure to be a big hit with fans when it drops on June 14th.

Elsewhere, there are new weapons making an appearance in the Season 04 update:

  • Tempus Razorback (Assault Rifle)
  • ISO 45 (Sub-Machine Gun)
  • Tonfa (Melee)

Nikto returns as a recognisable operator in both Warzone and Modern Warfare II, and he’s joined by a new figure – ‘Ana Vega’.

Finally, the more competitive players can expect a new season of Ranked Play, the extraction fans can expect a ‘wipe’ in DMZ, and everyone playing either game will receive a few dozen updates, bug fixes, amendments, and changes.

Call of Duty’s Season 04 update drops on June 14th on all platforms.

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