EXCLUSIVE – Apex Legends New Prestige Skin Takes To The Skies With Valkyrie

Apex Legends Season Arsenal has been underway for a month now, with hardly any collection events, heirlooms, or prestige skins in sight. However, all of that is about to change. On June 20th, we will finally have our first collection event called “Dressed to Kill,” which will introduce new cosmetics to Apex Legends.

After much anticipation, we now know that the prestige skin for this season will be dedicated to the popular legend, Valkyrie. Inside sources reveal that the skin will have a Gundam theme, featuring numerous mech components across its three tiers, which players can unlock by dealing damage. This information aligns with datamined files, which referred to Season 17 as “OPMECH.” Valkyrie’s heritage is also worth noting, as her father was the infamous Viper Antonigst from Titanfall 2, and her suit is a modified version of that titan.

Surprisingly, Respawn has decided to grant unique dive trails to all Prestige Skins purchased for $160.00. This move is rather unexpected, considering dive trails were previously exclusive to players who achieved high placements in ranked splits.

Another exciting update is the impending release of an heirloom for Horizon! Although we previously saw datamined animations of her wielding a two-handed weapon, we now know that it resembles a Morningstar with a black hole theme, complementing this legend and her abilities. The only other clue we have about it is that it’s called “Gravity Maw” or something similar.

The last piece of the puzzle is determining which heirloom will be associated with each event. We have “Dressed to Kill” on June 20th and “OP Neon” planned for late July. There are conflicting reports from insiders about which one will come first, but one thing is certain: players can expect these two new cosmetics to arrive within this season!

You can find more details on the Dressed to Kill Apex Legends event on my YouTube channel here.

Disclaimer: The article photo is a concept based on sources.

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