Nintendo Releases New Pikmin 4 Trailer That Shows Off Character Creation

New Pikmin 4 Trailer

With its release coming July 21, Nintendo has released a brand new Pikmin 4 trailer showcasing the game’s character creation system.

“Captain Olimar and the Rescue Corps have crash-landed on a mysterious planet, and only you can save them,” Nintendo says in the video description. “Rise to the occasion and venture forth, brave explorer!”

Pikmin 4 is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. It’s the follow-up to Pikmin 3, which launched on the Wii U back in 2013, and has been in development since 2015.

The game sees players recruit Pikmin with various abilities to help explore the new planet. Players also get a new pet in the form of a dog named Oatchi who can help you on your journey in the form of carrying Pikmin or “smashing obstacles”.

What do you think of the new Pikmin 4 trailer on the game’s character creation?

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