Apex Legends’ Firing Range is Evolving In Season 17

apex legends firing range

Apex Legends first dropped in 2019, and since then, the beloved Firing Range has remained mostly the same. But, when Season 17 drops on May 9th, it’ll be bringing with it a completely overhauled and evolved Firing Range, including a new map, areas designed to hone movement skills, more challenging combat dummies, and even a ‘1v1 duelling pit’.

It’s a relatively hefty undertaking that’ll allow players to test their abilities before dropping into Apex Legends’ core modes. With stat trackers, improved targets, and customisable dummies (even better than before), there’s plenty to uncover in Apex Legends’ new Firing Range when it drops in the all-new ‘Arsenal’ season.

Change is a Welcome Thing

Apex Legends’ Firing Range is instantly recognisable, but that’s because it just hasn’t really changed over the years. When Season 17 is released on May 9th, everything is set to evolve, with the iconic environment being turned completely on its head.

Reportedly, the new Firing Range will feature larger, more diverse practice environments, loaded with simulated death boxes, more intelligent dummies and bots, and a whole host of fresh challenges that’ll push even the skills of Apex Legends’ veterans to the limit.

There’s an advanced agility course being added, which will allow players to flex that all-important element of Apex Legends – the movement. And, if that isn’t enough, the more bloodthirsty players can take advantage of a dedicated, 1v1 arena – a ‘duelling pit’.

This was apparently added by Respawn Entertainment because it was simply aware of the fact that players were already using Firing Range for one-on-one combat.

You can check out the Season 17 trailer below:

There’s plenty to look forward to, including an all-new Legend named Ballistic, an older gentleman with veteran-like abilities that mean he’s still a threat to all comers.

In February, it was revealed that Respawn Entertainment would love for Apex Legends to have a twenty-year lifecycle – so expect more updates to keep rolling out!

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