Apex Legends Could Feature ‘Pop-Culture Crossovers’

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Could Apex Legends feature pop-culture crossovers in the near future? In an investor call, EA’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, stated that it’s not outside of the realms of possibility, explaining quite clearly that ‘nothing is off the table’ when it comes to EA and Respawn’s dramatically popular battle royale game.

It’s not an unseen concept by any means, and almost every other battle royale title on the market has seen its fair share of crossovers. There are more collaborations between brands and Fortnite than we can shake a stick at, and games like PUBG and Warzone have also seen their fair share of crossover content introduced over the years.

Could Apex Legends be next?

‘Unfettered Opportunities’

More and more, games have begun leaning into collaborations and crossovers to generate extra income, selling cosmetics packs and bundles that often grant players exclusive skins, outfits, and characters. Recently, Overwatch 2 stepped up to feature its first-ever major collaboration with a pop-culture brand, offering up a One-Punch Man-themed bundle.

While it’s important to stress that there are no clear plans to include pop-culture content in Apex Legends, it’s certainly something that could make an appearance in the near future. In the statement handed over during the EA investor call (and shared by IGN), CEO Andrew Wilson explained:

I think the opportunity for us to continue to grow and expand and stretch the nature of the experiences that we’re able to offer to our global player base over the next decade and beyond is unfettered.

On the subject of brand crossovers, Wilson said quite clearly that he doesn’t ‘think anything is off the table.’

As we all know, Apex Legends has a lengthy lifecycle ahead, and recently, it was confirmed that Respawn has the vision to carry Apex through to a twenty-year lifespan. It’s ambitious, but given the ongoing popularity of the title – and the ‘unfettered opportunity to grow’ – there’s likely plenty in store for the competitive battle royale title.

What pop-culture crossovers do you think would work well in Apex Legends? Let us know below.

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