Insomniac Is Aiming For Spider-Man 2 To Be The Best Game The Studio Has Ever Made

It’s Needless to say at this point that anticipation and hype for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is absolutely white hot. However, the fan anticipation may pale in comparison to the lofty heights that Insomniac is aiming for with the game.

A clip from Insomniac’s latest Twitch stream was captured by Twitter user @ErgogianBoisttt and subsequently posted by Evan Filarca who is best known as the leader of the fan group, Spider Squad. The clip features Jon Paquette, Narrative Director at Insomniac, who shares his excitement for the upcoming release saying:

“Boy, am I excited about Spider-Man 2. There’s obviously not much I can say but boy are we really working hard to try and make sure this is the best game we ever made and we can’t wait to share it with y’all”

It’s a bold claim to be made by the studio and is sure to stir up waves of excitement amongst Spidey fans just as the game is gearing up to enter its promotional period. As it stands we’ve only gotten one cinematic trailer which was unveiled during 2021’s PlayStation Showcase. With Sony potentially getting set for another mammoth event later this month, it’s likely that we’ll get another look at Spider-Man 2 with some fresh gameplay to boot.

The game is set for a fall release date but we at Insider Gamer believe that a release in September is the most likely scenario. This follows comments from Venom actor, Tony Todd, who claims that he was told that Insomniac will begin advertising the game in earnest in August. Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier seemed to corroborate this claim and that it was in fact a factor in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League being delayed to next year.

Do you believe Spider-Man 2 could be Insomiac’s best game?

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