Next PlayStation Showcase Date Revealed, Journalist Says

PS5 Black Friday 2023

For PlayStation fans hoping for more news about their favorite console, the next PlayStation Showcase looks to be coming sooner rather than later. According to journalist Jeff Grubb, Sony is set to hold a PlayStation Showcase the week of May 25.

As far as what’s going to be shown during the showcase, that remains to be seen. Some games that could be expected, however, include Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, potential news on a PlayStation and Konami exclusivity deal, and likely PlayStation VR games.

Sony is also working on a number of new console-specific updates, including new versions of the PlayStation 5, a new handheld, and earbuds. It’s unclear if Sony would mention them during a PlayStation Showcase, or if the company would save announcements on those for a standalone hardware event.

One caveat was that Grubb said the showcase happening the week of May 25 was “right as of now”. That does leave it open that Sony will move the date with it being out before the company was apparently ready to announce it.

No matter what, though, it’s clear that Sony has something ready for PlayStation.

Insider Gaming has reached out to Sony regarding the date mentioned. This story will be updated should a response be received.

What are you hoping to see from the next PlayStation Showcase?

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