New ‘Vondel’ Map May Land in Warzone in Season 4


It was only a couple of weeks ago that we covered the leak of Vondel, which will reportedly be an all-new Warzone 2.0 map set in the Netherlands. Recently, more information emerged, suggesting that this map will support both DMZ and Resurgence before it addresses battle royale, and it’ll be deployed during Season 4, which kicks off on June 14th.

On Twitter, CharlieIntel suggested that the map is being developed by Beenox, one of the subsidiaries that work under Activision on the Call of Duty franchise and has done so for several years. If battle royale were to be added for Vondel further down the line, it’d be the first time in franchise history that two battle royale maps sit side by side, as there are no expectations that Al Mazrah is going to be removed from Warzone 2.0.

Going Urban

Reportedly, Vondel will be ‘bigger than Ashika Island but smaller than Al Mazrah’ – that’s according to CharlieIntel. Presently, there are no visual references to really work with, as when the original Vondel leaks occurred, Activision went on the warpath, issuing DMCA strikes against all comers.

If there’s one thing that fans are excited about, it’s the potential for Vondel to be a smash hit with the Warzone 2.0 community. Back in the day (well, the relatively recent day), Beenox was responsible for the development of Rebirth Island for Call of Duty: Warzone. As one of the more favoured maps in the history of the series, Rebirth became the preferred format for Warzone players, given the almighty failure of Caldera, brought in to replace Verdansk.

Vondel would likely offer up a stark contrast to both Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. Both of these maps are considerably rural – with some built-up areas. By comparison, Vondel would likely be made up of a close-knit network of canals, streets, and residential areas. It would need to be something completely different from Al Mazrah for it to be a success, as nobody really wants more of the same.

In the next couple of weeks, we’ll likely see a reveal of Vondel – if these claims are true. We have just two weeks until Season 4 launches.

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