Diablo 4 x KFC: Eat Chicken, Unlock Cosmetics

diablo 4 x kfc

It was almost a month ago that news started surfacing regarding a chicken-themed partnership between Diablo 4’s developer, Blizzard Entertainment, and KFC. This campaign has now been dropped (read: shadow-dropped), and in exchange for ordering KFC online or through the KFC app, Diablo 4 players can unlock exclusive weapon cosmetics in-game.

It’s the Diablo 4 x KFC partnership, and it’s actually not that bad. They’re ‘punny’, which makes it better, and there are five to unlock in total. They’re not all related to purchases, though – you can unlock one cosmetic simply by linking your Battle.net account with your KFC account.

Fried Chicken = Weapons, Of Course

If you pick up a qualifying purchase on the KFC website or through the app (in-store purchases don’t count), you’ll unlock a reward. There’s a ‘minimum’ spend of around $5 required to secure these cosmetics, and reportedly, the easiest way to secure them is to buy a classic chicken sandwich.

There’s a little something for each class in Diablo 4, including:

  • Vessel of the Eleven (Totem)
  • Thrumming Axle (Staff)
  • Dread Pheasant Slayer (Bow)
  • Hand of Gallus (Polearm)
  • Foul Reaper (Scythe)

What’s bizarre is that this promotional went live with almost no marketing whatsoever. When it was originally leaked, it came out via an internal email, but since then, neither Blizzard nor KFC has really addressed the partnership.

And that’s especially weird considering KFC (in the U.S.) has a Diablo 4-themed landing page and is offering up Diablo cups, wrappers, and bags in its restaurants.

Sadly, the Diablo 4 x KFC deal is only available to residents in the United States – sorry, fans… Anywhere else on Earth.

All qualifying purchases must be made by July 2nd, 2023

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