Will We Finally See Fable at the Xbox Games Showcase?


On Twitter, the Xbox profile shared a short teaser trailer that seems to suggest the new Fable game will make an appearance during the Xbox Games Showcase. It’s something that many gamers batting for the green team have been excited about for a while, and it was during the 2020 Xbox Showcase that the Fable ‘reboot’ was officially confirmed.

It was revealed alongside the likes of Halo Infinite, Avowed, and Forza, but until now, the new Fable game – which is being developed by Playground Games – hasn’t resurfaced. It has been almost thirteen years since the last new instalment in the franchise, and understandably, fans are eager for more information.

Is Fable Coming to the Xbox Games Showcase?

Let’s be honest, the teaser clip released on Twitter was pretty much on the nose. It showed a magical trail of glitter that led to a screen showing a holding screen for the Xbox Games Showcase, and while that sequence unravelled, old-school Fable music played in the background.

The trail of glitter is a direct callback to older Fable games, in which players would follow a glittering trail to find their objectives. It’s about time that something more was shown for the long-awaited Fable follow-up, even if it’s just an update of where the development cycle is up to now.

There isn’t long to wait – the Xbox Games Showcase will air live on June 11th from 1 PM EST, and we’ll be covering it all as it unfolds right here on Insider Gaming.

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