Madden 24 Reveal Trailer Released, Cover Athlete Announced

Madden 24 trailer

EA Sports has released the first trailer for the upcoming Madden 24. In the reveal trailer, it was shown that Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen is this year’s cover athlete, marking the first time that a member of the Bills has been on the cover of the game.

Also in the trailer comes the reveal of some of the new features coming to this year’s game, including new Sapien character technology updated, FieldSense, cross-play on current-gen platforms and PC, and more.

From a modes standpoint, Madden 24 will feature an overhauled Superstar mode for current-gen and PC versions known as Superstar: The League.

“Achieve greatness in your NFL career with game-changing control thanks to FieldSENSE,” EA Sports said. “Customize your avatar and build your legacy, progressing from the combine to draft pick to 99 overall.  Navigate all-new mini games and live player grading across a variety of positions.”

Franchise mode also sees improvements including the following per EA Sports:

  • Upgrade your team with fan-favorite mini-games returning to Madden NFL 24. Test your skills with dozens of new mini-games including moving obstacles and destructible targets in Franchise training camp or weekly strategy.
  • Utilize a streamlined team relocation feature with new cities, logos, and uniforms to create your own Franchise story.
  • Build your future using Free Agency 2.0 by restructuring contracts and making counter offers to cornerstone playmakers. 
  • Acquire and retain superstars using 50 new unique draft generators, new trade logic tuning, six trade slots and new talent trees for coaches.
  • Use new commissioner tools to customize your experience in online and offline connected leagues.

What do you make of the early Madden 24 announcements from the trailer? Madden 24 launches on August 18 for PC, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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