The Day Before Has a Release Date and a Lamborghini-Themed Trailer

the day before trailer

Hey, look – it’s The Day Before, coming back at you with another release date!

It’s official – a new trailer has dropped for The Day Before, showcasing what appears to be a knocked-off Lamborghini speeding through the streets of a knocked-off New York City. It’ short, not-so-sweet, makes absolutely no sense, but there’s a promise at the end of the trailer that something will happen on November 10th.

Will The Day Before actually be released in November?

Is everything we’re seeing just a fever dream?

And There’s a Beta Coming?

On Twitter, shortly after the release of the trailer that referenced November 10th, a post was uploaded suggesting players will be able to access ‘the closed beta’. That means that there most likely will be one, but what state will it be in, and when is it going to arrive?

First revealed way back in 2021, The Day Before has been suffering under the weight of a legal dispute and the general belief that it’s nothing more than vaporware – something that’ll be in development forever but will never actually surface.

However, in an interview with, Fntastic’s representatives explained that their focuses are away from the legal dispute and are now fixed firmly on the development of the game. It was a few weeks ago now that The Day Before disappeared from Steam, but apparently, there’s work underway now to get the game reinstated on the platform.

Bizarrely, in that interview, Fntastic stated quite clearly that it still doesn’t have ownership of the name The Day Before. Recently, one YouTube user analysed the entire situation and uploaded a video proclaiming that there’s no way that Fntastic can regain ownership of the name before the intended release date.

So, who knows what to believe?

In more inane revelations, it was stated that The Day Before will be set in ‘Fortune City’, it’ll be focused on player-vs-player combat, and it’ll feature supercars, an employment system, side skills such as music and art, and a subtext about the ‘potential danger of unchecked corporate power’.


Let’s wait and see what happens on November 10th.;

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