Fortnite’s Season 3 ‘Wilds’ Update Will Premiere at Summer Game Fest

fortnite season 3

Epic Games teased the next season of Fortnite – ‘Wilds’ – but it was announced shortly after that the world premiere for the all-new season will take place during Summer Game Fest.

In a short-but-sweet teaser trailer, we saw a lush Fortnite map splinter and crumble, imploding under the weight itself and revealing valleys, swamps, jungle terrain and – in the distance – some kind of temple. It certainly looked wild, and it’s launching June 9th – but we’ll get our first full glimpse at the map during the Summer Game Fest on the 8th.

Time To Get Wild

It has been a while that the jungle biome has been rumoured for Fortnite – and it has even surfaced in a few leaks. There were some images leaked just over a week ago that showed an Optimus Prime skin in Fortnite – amongst some others – but the character himself was shown on a loading screen that quite clearly portrayed a jungle setting.

Now, in a snapshot teaser, Epic Games has confirmed that this will be the next biome to surface:

An hour after this clip was posted, Geoff Keighley took to Twitter to confirm that this all-new season will premiere during Summer Game Fest, which kicks off on the 8th of June at 3 PM EST / 9 PM CEST.

It’s one of many reveals set to take place during the showcase, which is easily one of the most highly anticipated gaming events of the year, especially going by the success of last year’s event and the apparent death of E3 – which definitely wasn’t caused by Keighley himself.

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