Starfield’s Controller and Headset Are Appearing in Stores

starfield controller

Back in April, images were leaked online showing what appeared to be a limited edition Starfield Xbox controller. Since then, many more references have surfaced, and now, it seems that retailers are preparing to start selling the special edition Starfield controller and headset.

On Twitter, images and clips show shoppers discovering the peripherals in stores – including in Target in the United States. With the Xbox Showcase dropping next week, there are expectations that these sought-after accessories will be made available for purchase following the highly anticipated Starfield portion of the event.

The Starfield Controller Looks so Good

Personally, I’ve not bought a limited edition controller for years – but during the Xbox 360 era, I was all over it. I bought Tomb Raider, Gears of War, Halo, Call of Duty, Star Wars, Batman, and Chrome Series controllers, but since then, I’ve stuck with generic models.

But that’s going to change when the Starfield controller drops.

On social media platforms, clips have begun surfacing, showing that some people have already started getting their hands on the retro-sci-fi-themed peripherals:

We’ve also been treated to one of our first complete looks at the Starfield headset, which is expected to launch hand-in-hand with the Starfield controller:

I’m on the fence about the headset, but that controller is beautiful. I’m particularly entranced by the transparent triggers, which are nothing if not a throwback to gaming days gone by. From the colour palette used to the undeniably space-themed elements, it’s a controller that has wowed me since I first covered the image leaks in April.

In the US, it has been suggested that the prices are as follows (provided by billbil-kun on Twitter):

  • Starfield Controller: $79.99
  • Starfield Headset: $124.99

The Xbox Games Showcase takes place on June 11th, and the Starfield Direct will be aired immediately after – look out for the official announcement there.

UPDATE: Dataminer billbil-kun has seemingly confirmed that the controller will release on June 11.

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