Everything We Know So Far About Marvel’s Wolverine

Insomniac marvel's wolverine game

Marvel’s Wolverine is a trending topic, but unfortunately, it’s not for the reason we hoped. The ransomware group Rhysida hacked and then released thousands of files about Insomniac’s upcoming projects on the internet, and Wolverine was one of the victims.

We certainly do know more about Insomniac’s Wolverine game for the PS5. However, considering what has happened, Insomniac will be going back to the drawing board. In the meantime, if you’re excited about Marvel’s Wolverine, here’s what we know so far.

Marvel’s Wolverine Release Date

Despite being teased in 2021, Marvel’s Wolverine does not have a release date. There is no official word on the release date, however, leaked documents mentioned that Insomniac plans to launch it in 2026, though that might not be the case anymore.

Many of us expected Insomniac to announce a release window already, but with Spider-Man 2 having just released and then the unfortunate hack taking place, it’s all but confirmed that Marvel’s Wolverine is internally delayed. There is no knowing when it will come out now, and in all honesty, we might not hear anything new until at least a few years. Especially because Insomniac is in dire need of time to recover since everything including the story, gameplay, and planned sequels was leaked. 

Is Marvel’s Wolverine Exclusive To The PS5?

Yes, Marvel’s Wolverine will be exclusive to the PS5 at launch. A PC version in all likelihood will arrive a year or two later. Horizon: Forbidden West, Returnal, and other PS5 exclusives have done the same, so there’s no saying otherwise.

Have The Leaks Impacted Development On Marvel’s Wolverine?

Considering how much damage has been done, this one’s a no-brainer to answer. Everything from the entire story to future planned spin-offs such as a potential X-Men game has been leaked. 

It’s 100% safe to assume Insomniac has been forced to reinvent most – if not all – of Marvel’s Wolverine. If previously Insomniac planned late 2026, that day is likely two years ahead now.

Is Marvel’s Wolverine An Action-adventure Game?

Marvel's Wolverine

Judging from the leaks Marvel’s Wolverine does appear to be an action-adventure game similar to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, albeit darker and mature in tone.

Plenty of bloodshed and gore will be present too. It’s Wolverine, after all, one of the bloodiest anti-heroes.

It Is or Was Going To Be An Origin Story

Another thing the leaks revealed was that Insomniac is – or was in light of recent events – planning on making their PS5 Wolverine game an origin story about Logan. It would take place before the X-Men existed but its ending would set up their formation in a spin-off or sequel.

Do You Need To Play Marvel’s Spider-Man Before Wolverine?

Marvel’s Wolverine will indeed be set in the same universe as Marvel’s Spider-Man. Insomniac has officially confirmed that both their IPs take place in a shared universe, so while there isn’t a confirmation yet of a Spider-Man cameo for the upcoming Wolverine game, odds are there will be one.

A future crossover between the two characters might be on the table as well, probably in Marvel’s Spider-Man 3. If we’re lucky.

Will Marvel’s Wolverine Be On PS Plus or Game Pass?

It’s unlikely that Marvel’s Wolverine will be available on day one on PS Plus. PlayStation hasn’t shown any interest in bringing their first-party blockbusters to the service, so it’s not worth getting your hopes up about that.

Opposite to this, Xbox loves doing day-one releases on Game Pass. But because Wolverine is a PS5 exclusive, its being on Xbox Game Pass is out of the question. For PC, maybe someday but don’t count on it.

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