More Leaked Wolverine Clips Show Off Gameplay Mechanics

marvels wolverine gameplay leaks

Weeks after the initial back of leaks showing off gameplay and footage of Marvel’s Wolverine from Insomniac Games, more clips and information are still trickling out.

The latest information comes in the form of multiple gameplay clips that show off various mechanics within Wolverine. If you don’t mind the potential spoilers, you can view all of the clips here.

The clips show off elements like hand-to-hand combat, enemy physics, door mechanics, wall running, and more. It also comes while Wolverine is wearing the classic yellow suit.

It’s worth noting that none of what was uploaded represents the final product whatsoever. These are clearly gameplay segments used for testing mechanics within the game. Environments, visual fidelity, and other aspects are in active development.

Marvel’s Wolverine is a PlayStation 5 exclusive with an expected release date of 2025 (FY2026) at the earliest. It’s just one of many Marvel games that Insomniac Games is working on, including the next Spider-Man title as well as standalone Xmen games for later this decade.

What do you think of the gameplay mechanics in Marvel’s Wolverine? For more Insider Gaming, read about the new DLC being teased for Dead by Daylight.

  1. This looks interesting ? but one thing that seems to be consistent is his healing factor is based on how many enemies he kills in order for him to heal quicker. They need to look at how he heals in X men origins wolverine uncaged and use that healing factor because it simply works for who the character is.

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