Dead by Daylight Teasing Alan Wake DLC

Alan Wake 2 Wall Of Evidence Dead by Daylight

Alan Wake could be the next crossover into the world of Dead by Daylight.

A post on the game’s official social media accounts seemed to tease the impending arrival of Alan Wake in Dead by Daylight. The post was short and simple, showing a flashlight shining on blood-spattered papers.

While it surely seems like the tease could be related to Alan Wake, there’s also an upcoming game modifier called Dead by Daylight – Lights Out that is in development. There has been no word as to when the Lights Out modifier will be officially launched.

Recently, Dead by Daylight has continued with crossovers featuring Nic Cage and Chucky. It could be expected that should Alan Wake be added to the game, he would be available as a new survivor for players to download.

Again, however, this is all speculation based on the post on the game’s social channels. Developer Behaviour Interactive will announce more on Tuesday, January 9.

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