Death Stranding 2: Everything We Know So Far

Like all Hideo Kojima games, Death Stranding has found its community and it is adored by over 16 million porters. All of them have their sights set on Death Stranding 2 (DS2) ever since the iconic announcement at The Game Awards 2022. If you’re one of those eager fans looking to know more, here’s all the latest on DS2.

Death Stranding 2 Release Date

Death Stranding 2 is among the most anticipated upcoming games, however, it does not have a release date. The latest footage we’ve seen was the teaser in 2022 which is a little disappointing considering how long it’s been.

Hideo Kojima did tweet out his new year plans just as 2024 began and they included an update about Death Stranding 2. He stated that automated dialogue replacement and Japanese voice-over will be done for it in 2024 and that he’ll also be working on the upcoming Death Stranding movie as well as his other project, OD, with Jordan Peele.

What Platforms Will Death Stranding 2 Be Released On?

Death Stranding 2 will be a PS5 exclusive. Sony commissioned the franchise so as far as platforms are concerned, PlayStation’s your only shot at playing the game at launch.

Having said that, it will likely arrive on PC a year or two later after release since that is what happened to its predecessor.

Death Stranding 2 Trailer

As you’ve read above, a teaser for Death Stranding 2 was revealed in 2022. It doesn’t tell you much about the story, but you can clearly see Sam, Fragile, and Higgs are back.

Do You Need To Play Death Stranding 1 Before Death Stranding 2 Is Released?

Well, this is a question of personal preference. Death Stranding has one of the greatest video game stories ever. Not playing it beforehand might get you confused and feel disconnected from the characters in the second part.

Kojima Productions will definitely direct Death Stranding 2 in a way that is welcoming for both newcomers and old players. However, the first game’s story is infamous for being complicated and after playing it for 100+ hours I can truthfully say folks weren’t lying. I can’t imagine how difficult it will be for new players to grasp the plot midway without any context. So if you really want to enjoy the sequel, I’d highly recommend you play Death Stranding 1.

What Will The Death Stranding 2 Story Be About?

Death Stranding 2

After watching the trailer, you’ll see Death Stranding 2 is set some years after the events of the first game. Lou has grown up a bit, and somehow, Fragile’s scars from the Timefall have healed. Sam’s hair is white too, so something big happens right after Death Stranding 1 ends which we are yet to see.

The teaser implied that Lou might have been kidnapped and Fragile and Sam are preparing to rescue her, at least that’s my interpretation.

Will Death Stranding 2 Be On PS Plus And Game Pass?

Death Stranding 2 should make its way onto PS Plus a few years after launch. That’s usually what tends to happen with older PlayStation exclusives, as you can see with God of War and Days Gone.

As for DS2 on Game Pass, that might happen for the PC version once it is ported over. But for Xbox Game Pass, that’s totally out of the question. Instead, Kojima’s project OD will be an Xbox exclusive title.

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