Hideo Kojima Appears to Tease Léa Seydoux For Death Stranding 2


Hideo Kojima has been giving us some clues regarding his next project with small teases throughout the last few months. Yesterday, the legendary game creator posted the latest picture in the trifecta of actress reveals on Twitter:

This follows the initial announcement that confirmed that Elle Fanning and Shioli Kutsuna would be part of Kojima’s next project.

The “How Come?” or “Why” tease had been used before, but the silhouette might come as a surprise. A lot of people were waiting for a Margaret Qualley reveal, after the massive leak of Kojima’s supposed next title “Overdose”, but the silhouette points to a different returning Death Stranding star: Léa Seydoux.

Léa Seydoux as Fragile in Death Stranding

The French actress might be the last piece of the Kojima puzzle (for now), but honestly leaves us with more questions than answers. We do know there is a collaboration with Xbox on the way, but that’s one of (at least) two games in the works for Kojima Productions. Does that mean we’re getting Overdose with Xbox and Death Stranding 2 with Playstation? Who knows.

The previous teased picture seemingly got everyone to jump on the Death Stranding 2 hype train:

The logos do look very Death-Strand-ish, yet logos have been a mainstay of Kojima games forever now. The use of the phrase “start a new journey” does have a special meaning to those who traveled in Sam Porter-Bridges’ shoes for hours on end, but might be pure misdirection.

Is this Death Stranding 2? Is this Overdose and Margaret Qualley will be revealed in a future trailer? Or is this a completely different project that managed to escape the ever-present leaks? What do you think? And what would you like it to be?

We’re leaning toward this being Death Stranding 2, but we should hear more on the game at The Game Awards later today.

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