Over 2 Minutes of Gameplay Footage of Kojima’s Game “Overdose” Leaks Online

As reported by Insider Gaming yesterday, images of Hideo Kojima’s game “Overdose” began to circulate privately online. The images, reported by ppe.pl authenticated that report.

Now, a video posted on streamable has shown over 2 minutes of the Overdose game.

UPDATE – The streamable link was removed, but since added on YouTube:

As previously mentioned, it appears that the game features Death Stranding’s Mama (Margaret Qualley) in a blue dress.

Towards the end of the video, we see the words “GAMEOVER” followed by “A Hideo Kojima Game”… “OVERDOSE”.

Insider Gaming can confirm that the leaked footage is the same as the one reported by myself via TryhardGuides in June 2022. However, the footage appears to have been passed around and re-recorded multiple times. The original footage was screen-captured.

Due to the possibility of legal repercussions, Insider Gaming cannot make the footage public.

What are your thoughts on the footage uploaded of Overdose?

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  1. Who gives a s*”t until the game has a definitive release date. It’s as exciting as hearing about Witcher 4 or any other game that’s (so called) leaked.?☹️

  2. That man was gonna release a screen recording of a leaked game and he didn’t think about possibly getting a shirt lmao ?

  3. Honestly, Kojima’s a hack. Metal Gear is a good series, but in my opinion, mostly because he wasn’t able to do most of the ridiculous gimmicks he wanted to. He believes controllers have to many buttons, but we should be able to smell and taste what’s happening.

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