MSI Handheld Device Claw Details Leaked

msi handheld

New leaks have emerged including the name and specs for the upcoming MSI handheld gaming device, now titled “the Claw”.

The leaks were first reported by VideoCardz. The report cites MSI China marketing materials, Geekbench, Olrak29, and @wnxd as their sources.

MSI only just officially teased their new handheld device yesterday. There was a brief teaser for the device on Instagram, and MSI planned on announcing more at CES 2024.

Twitter user @Wario64 featured all of the Claw’s leaked specs in a new post:

MSI hopes the device will have the technical abilities to compete with the ROG Ally and Valve’s Steam Deck.

The Steam Deck’s sheer flexibility, combined with Valve’s genuine dedication to the customers, will be tough to live up to.

But the Claw will feature about 32 GB of memory. Even those unfamiliar with technical specs and how they affect gaming can appreciate that leak.

32 GB of memory would far exceed competitors like Lenovo’s Legion Go. This also hints that the device would more effectively support AAA titles with higher technical demands.

If the Claw can achieve mobile gameplay that better resembles the original experience, it could be a genuine threat to existing devices. Ideal AAA support can be difficult to find.

The Claw will also feature an Intel Core Ultra 7 155H processor and Arc Graphics. This should give players a solid idea of what performance level to expect.

Although some other key details haven’t been revealed just yet, MSI will likely announce them at the CES 2024 event.

The actual design of the MSI Claw device has been fairly divisive among fans. However, that may not be enough to deter players from excellent performance features.

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