Rust is Adding Backpacks After 10 Years of Being Live

rust backpacks

In a recent update, Facepunch Studios divulged a staggering amount of information about Rust’s last ten years of development and stressed what’s coming soon. It was revealed that after more than a decade on the market, the team is finally adding backpacks to the game, allowing players to craft storage solutions that allow them to carry more resources and equipment on the go. That’s not all – plenty is coming in 2024, according to Facepunch.

Finally, Backpacks

On February 1, Facepunch Studios will publish the ‘Backpack Update’ in Rust, the ten-year-old open-world survival game. They’ll be craftable items that’ll boost your on-the-go inventory – it’s surprising that such a feature took so long to implement, but it’s better late than never, right?

Beyond that, there’s plenty more content coming in 2024 for Rust, such as:

  • New and revamped Monuments
  • Onboarding systems for new players
  • Motorcycles
  • Revamps server listings UI
  • New weapons
  • More unique buildable areas

There are performance and quality-of-life improvements planned, too.

In an infographic, Facepunch Studios revealed that, in ten years, Rust has sold 16 million copies and seen more than 350 content updates be released. It has reached a peak concurrent player count of 244,000 users, and the thriving modding community has produced more than 124,000 Steam Workshop items.

It remains one of the most popular survival games ever made, and Facepunch Studios is far from being done with the project.

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