Redfall Collaborator Studio Gobo Planning New AAA Game

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Studio Gobo, a developer who collaborated on open-world shooter Redfall and Hogwarts Legacy, appears to be working on a new AAA game according to official job listings on their site.

First reported by Gamesual, a variety of the job listings mention broad details about the unannounced project.

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The Senior Environment Artist role in particular dishes out some interesting tidbits. The job describes Studio Gobo’s new game as “a world class project built in Unreal Engine 5”.

Developers built Redfall in Unreal Engine 4, which surprised players. Arkane Austin’s Harvey Smith explained in an interview with WccfTech that the team simply didn’t have enough time. But they “would have probably gone with Unreal Engine 5”.

Redfall was a divisive game right from launch, but Studio Gobo only partly played a role in its development. Also, there have been a variety of improvements in Redfall since then.

Many have been willing to give the game a second chance, as the developers eventually added 60 FPS performance mode and other crucial updates.

Studio Gobo appears to be aiming for an ambitious and superior new project from the onset.

One job posting mentions plans to “combine masterful artistry and storytelling with ground-breaking technology”. This implies that the game might prioritize next-gen support.

Although little is known about the project, the timing of these new job listings might give fans a vague idea of the development timeline. An official announcement isn’t likely to drop anytime soon.

It’s also unclear if Studio Gobo will develop the title on their own.

The Environment Artist job listing mentions this project will be “a AAA console game”. This confirms console support and may hint at another Xbox exclusive.

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